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  • Rainbow Unicorn Pops 72ct
    Rainbow Unicorn Pops are full of enjoyable color and sweet taste. This really isn't your typical lollipop. When you would like a long-lasting hard candy, our Unicorn Pops are a fantastic alternative! Rather than a round shape, these stalwart lollys include a thick span of hard candy that's twisted closely to form a spiral shape that's long
  • Large Purple Striped Ball Lollipops 100ct
    We always have a ball whenever we have these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops approximately. Maybe it's due to their vibrant purple and white stripes. Or maybe it's due to their pleasure, beach ball appearing layout. We are not sure, but we're positive our mouths are always joyful after indulging on some of these. Make your family happy as well as your taste buds jump for joy with a bulk bag of these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops. They make wonderful add-ons to candies buffet pubs, can be doled out in gift baskets round the holidays or simply keep in your kitchen counter and snacked on when you'll need a delicious treat that makes you smile.
  • Pink Lemonade Gumballs 850ct
    Girly girls, listen up! These pink, pink lemonade gumballs are here to make your next party the talk of the resort area. Bring home several bags of these perfect pink cuties to display in a gumball dispenser for a retro appearance, set them out in a fish bowl for a conventional candy buffet sense, or add them to goodie bags for your friends to take home. They're the ideal addition for a princess party, tea party, or any girly get together you can dream up. No matter what you choose, their sweet, citrusy flavor and cute, bright color will be a sense!
  • Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy 120ct
    Green, white, and minty. These Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy are a tasty mint your whole family will adore. Take your gingerbread house building to another level using a smattering of these minty wonders, make a Christmas candies display even prettier and much more delightful, or even stick a few in your purse to enjoy a breath freshening treat whenever you want. The glowing green and white swirls are delightful to look at and provide a refreshing burst of spearmint flavor your mouth will crave. With 120 pieces per order, you will have enough yummy mints to please a bunch.
  • Jumbo Mint Balls Hard Candy 120ct
    Make way for a large dose of peppermint flavor! These Jumbo Mint Balls are a sphere full of refreshing minty flavor that your mouth will adore. Their exquisite red and white swirls make them the perfect sweet addition to a Christmas candy show, gingerbread house making with your family, a shore party (since these little balls resemble beach balls!), and even a Fourth of July event. With 12 of these flavorful candies balls in every order, there is enough to do it all. Use your imagination to determine how you and your close family and friends can enjoy these tasty mints.
  • Jones Soda Carbonated Candy 8ct
    Jones Soda carbonated candy provides a new way to enjoy your favorite beverage! Classic Jones Soda is a well-known choice because it's made using cane sugar instead of unhealthy high fructose corn syrup. If you like a cold, refreshing Jones Soda, then you need to try these unique candies. Along with a one of a kind taste, Jones Soda carbonated candy also comes in an elegant branded tin. Each tine includes a black backdrop with "Jones" in shimmering silver. The tin container keeps your mints fresh and simple to carry. Jones Soda carbonated candy also makes a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer. It's possible for you to get larger quantities with our convenient Jones Soda carbonated candies in mass! Keep a box at home or take to the office to share with coworkers and clients.
  • Rock Candy Crystal Sticks 120ct
    Rock candy crystal sticks are an All-American classic favorite. These six-inch long rock sugar treats come on classic wooden sticks for the ideal antique appearance. You'll feel as if you just walked out of the general store when you pick up a bag of these wonderful sweets. Flavors contain purple grape, pink cherry, light blue cotton candy, light green watermelon, red strawberry, blue raspberry, and white natural plain sugar. There is something for everyone in this classic children's favorite.
  • Rock Candy Crystal Sticks 120ct Wrapped
    This sweet is vibrant and exciting. It is fun to eat for kids and adults alike. It resembles crystal rock. The flavor is sweet and sugary. Some flavors of this amazing exciting candies included pink cherry, blue raspberry, red strawberry, white natural basic sugar, light blue cotton candy, and even light green watermelon. These candies are also individually wrapped so that they are sure to stay fresh until you're ready to partake. Additionally they come on a handy stick for your eating extravaganza. Surprise your family and friends with this unique treat at your next assembly, as it's sure to bring delight to them. All these are even great for companies who are searching for a fantastic item they can resell in their shop. Rock candy sticks seem just as wonderful as they taste so that you are certain to locate joy in them!
  • Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks 72ct Assorted Colors
    Crystals begin their complicated formation in a process called, nucleation. From there, they synchronize to construct notable constructions that make us ''ooh and aah.'' But we'll lose the scientific mumbo-jumbo and simply get right down to what these assorted stone sweets are: flavorful. Deep within all of their crags, lies sweet, fruity flavor that every candies fan with love. Give your kids a lesson in science and great taste today with these edible crystals. Just attempt to take a second to marvel at their majesty before you devour them.
  • Blue Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    This exquisite candies is a top contender in the Olympics of sugar molecules. And we believe they deserve the gold! Better known as rock candy, these pops are a scientific triumph and contemporary marvel on sweets shelves round the world. Glamorous, sparkly, full of blue raspberry flavor. They're pretty to look at and even more delectable to eat! Give your children a lesson in science and good flavor today with these edible crystals which are champs of the sweet world.
  • Light Blue Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Are you really planning a springtime gathering or a baby shower for an expected little boy? Would you love to add something blue to a wedding? Light blue rock candy sticks make a great dessert addition to any occasion, but they're especially perfect for all these blue-themed events. Rock candy sticks are a real classic. Grownups recall them from childhood, and children just love how sweet they are and how enjoyable they're to eat.
  • Brown Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Rock candy is the purest way to relish sugar. These dazzling treats are both beautiful and mouthwatering. That is why they are really so popular when it comes to events, parties and much more. They can be utilized to fill celebration and wedding favors so guests have something to love after the festivities! The base is lighter with a darker tip that looks eye-catching while each crystallized sugar facet reflects light. It is like eating pure gemstones that only happen to taste like sugar! Our bulk brown rock candy sticks are the easiest means to get big quantities for any gathering. Place your order today so you can find more ways to share brown rock candy!
  • Green Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Rock candy is a classic in the candy world. These Lime Green Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks combine a sugary crunch with long-lasting flavor to delight all ages. Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks are functional and efficient, the candy is totally adhered to the simple to hold wooden ball stick allowing for on the go snacking, or social noshing. Green Swizzle Sticks are a perfect addition to your next St. Patrick's day occasion; use them as drink garnish, or snack on one as you socialize and prevent being pinched. Or snack on this delectable Rock Candy as you're buying great pick me up.
  • Light Green Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Avert your eyes! These neon green Watermelon Rock Candy Sticks are practically blinding with their amazing bright green colour. The best means to avoid any risk would be to place them directly into your mouth! And we're sure you'll want to gobble them up right away because of their delicious, sugary, watermelon flavor that can't be beat. A basic in gift shops for a long time, patrons have been eating up these craggy confections with smiles on their faces. Give your kids a lesson in science and great taste now with these edible crystals that are winners of the candy world.
  • Orange Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Orange Rock Candy Sticks are here to ''rock'' your world! In a brilliant, prismatic orange with a yummy sugary bite, these sweets make a great addition to summer get-togethers or Halloween displays. Since just the purest type of sugar can make it through the crystallization process, these rock sweets carry on the top quality standard of the finest diamonds. Add some pizazz to a young child's birthday present or keep them around as a elaborate treat to give to guests. Anything you do with these beautiful treats, a bag of these rock candy sticks will wow every eater.
  • Violet Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    A delicious berry flavor makes Violet Rock Candy Sticks as delicious to munch as they're pretty to show! A sparkly choice to lollipops, Violet Rock Candy Sticks make fantastic magic wands, princess scepters, and conductor's batons. As well as glitzy candy drink stirrers in cocktails or mocktails in case your party is for a more grown up crowd. Blueberry-flavored bulk rock candy lollies come in boxes big enough to serve a great number of guests with sparkle on a stick. Glittering in a warm purple colour, Violet Rock Candy Sticks add a noble touch to a display. These wholesale rock candy suckers appear elegant in gift boxes and baskets as well as in a vase for a glamorous sweet bouquet.
  • Coral Red Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Few candies can assert to be as sweet and sugary as our rock candy sticks! This tasty treat comes in brilliant colors and add a touch of sparkle to occasions and parties. Our coral red rock candy sticks features a deep pinkish red color that will make your visitors say "wow!".This versatile confection is a superb choice for all ages, regardless of what event you're celebrating! So what can you do with rock candy sticks? Use them as a fancy (and delicious) way to stir hot drinks or even cocktails. Hand them out with personalized labels as modest presents or party favors. They're going to add a lavish touch to candies buffets and dessert tables. Coral red rock candy sticks blend well at baby showers and weddings. Don't forget to purchase extras so you've a few red rock candy sticks to love at home after.
  • Red Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Like a sweet prism, these amazing Strawberry Red Rock Candy Sticks catch the light in their amazing sugary crags. A vibrant colour of magnificent red, these sparkly, and more significantly tasty rock candies are a glamorous and delectable selection for virtually any affair. Since just the purest type of sugar can make it through the crystallization process, these rock candies carry on the high quality standard of the best diamonds. Add some delicious pizazz to a child's birthday present or keep them around as a elaborate treat to give to guests. A bag of these rock candy cords will wow every eater.
  • Yellow Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    Here comes the sun and also the sugar with these astounding Yellow Rock Candy Sticks. In a bright, cheerful yellow and packaged with the delicious sweetness of lemon sugar crystals, these can make you as well as your mouth happy. Since just the purest kind of sugar can make it through the crystallization process, these stone candies uphold the top quality standard of the best diamonds. Add some pizazz to a kid 's birthday present or keep them around as a elaborate treat to give to guests. A bag of these rock candy sticks will wow every eater and add some sunshine to your day.
  • Pink Rock Candy Sticks 120ct
    You might have had soft, chewy bubble gum, but have you had the delicious, craggy confections of our Pink Bubblegum Rock Candy Sticks? If the reply is no, then you need to try these amazing crystals packed with sweet, bubblegum flavor since they will cause you to jump for joy. Glamorous, sparkly, and full of bubblegum flavor, they're pretty to look at and even more delicious to eat! A basic in gift shops for many years and years, patrons have been gobbling up these craggy confections with grins on their faces. Give your kids a lesson in science and great taste today with these edible crystals which are winners of the sweet world.
  • White Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks 72ct
    Bippidee, Boppidee, Boo! You will feel as if you're waving a magic wand each time you pick up one of these glamorous, sparkly White Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks. Treat your little princesses to a magical birthday party, keep these around the house to stir into drinks that need additional sweetening, or bring them to a celebration to add an extra dash of sparkly pizazz. Since just the purest kind of sugar can make it through the crystallization process, these stone candies uphold the high quality standard of the finest diamonds. Wow your eyes and taste buds with these amazing crystals today.
  • Red Hots Theater Boxes 12ct
    Red Hots candies are a traditional treat that packs a strong punch of igneous flavor! This nostalgic treat is full of cinnamon for a snacking encounter that sizzles. This really is one confection that is not intended for the poor of heart (or the feeble of taste bud!).Each piece includes a dainty round morsel in vibrant red. The Red Hots we know and love today have been around for a very long time. This treat was introduced by the Ferrara Pan Company during the 1930s.Their popularity has grown enormously since then. Red Hots are a favorite choice to be used as a decoration for cakes, cookies or homemade sweets. They are even used in apple sauce recipes! Our volume Red Hots package comprises many theatre cartons which are ideal for vacations, occasions or family movie night.
  • Lemonheads Theater Boxes 12ct
    You will not have to hassle anyone to take their seats before the lights dim when you break out these Lemonheads Theater Cartons. Why? Because everyone will be clambering to secure a place right next to the carton! Fortunately, with this bulk order, folks will not have to struggle or share, they can all have their own! With a famed sour lemon flavor, hard candy shell and soft interior, Lemonheads are really tasty. They crunch under your first chomp then melt away in chewy, tart goodness. Put on a film this weekend and anticipate snacking on some seriously yummy candies when you order your Lemonheads Theater Cartons now!
  • Yogurt Chips 1000ct
    Woah. In every order, you'll have hundreds and hundreds of delicious little morsels to add to baked goods, eat by the handful or put into trail mix. They will still satisfy your sweet tooth without giving you the guilt that usually goes along with it. Bring some of these Yogurt Chips home today and you'll have enough to nosh on, share and bake with for weeks to come. Drooling yet? Order yours today!
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