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  • Wintergreen Candy Sticks 80ct
    Wintergreen Candy Sticks are a superb addition to any holiday, Christmas, or Birthday party. These Sweet Sticks are created using natural and artificial flavorings, they are gluten free and certified kosher. Wintergreen Candy Sticks are a perfect on the go treat, as well as a great means to inform your customers thank you. Set these Sweet Sticks in an old fashioned jar for a nostalgic feel, in a cosmetic mug for easy accessibility, or treat bags for that extra special add-on. Wintergreen Sticks are flavorful and offer a long lasting peppermint flavor. Catch a Wintergreen Candy Stick for an afternoon pick me up, the delectable peppermint will awaken your senses and heighten alertness. Wintergreen Candy Sticks are 5 long making them only the right size for cosmetic swag on Christmas presents, or in virtually any hot drink for stirring, and flavor. Irrespective of the use these Wintergreen Candy Sticks are certain to
  • Rainbow Unicorn Pops 72ct
    Rainbow Unicorn Pops are full of enjoyable color and sweet taste. This really isn't your typical lollipop. When you would like a long-lasting hard candy, our Unicorn Pops are a fantastic alternative! Rather than a round shape, these stalwart lollys include a thick span of hard candy that's twisted closely to form a spiral shape that's long
  • Large Purple Striped Ball Lollipops 100ct
    We always have a ball whenever we have these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops approximately. Maybe it's due to their vibrant purple and white stripes. Or maybe it's due to their pleasure, beach ball appearing layout. We are not sure, but we're positive our mouths are always joyful after indulging on some of these. Make your family happy as well as your taste buds jump for joy with a bulk bag of these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops. They make wonderful add-ons to candies buffet pubs, can be doled out in gift baskets round the holidays or simply keep in your kitchen counter and snacked on when you'll need a delicious treat that makes you smile.
  • Gummi Frogs 12ct
    Everyone will jump for joy when they get a taste of Haribo gummy frogs! These little green candies aren't slick and slimy, but they offer a smooth, soft feel that is enjoyable on the tongue. Each piece includes interesting details that recreate this popular amphibian
  • Gummi Happy Cola Bottles 12ct
    Haribo Happy Cola bottle sweets are an enjoyable approach to enjoy the fizzy flavor of a pop without a glass. This original confection includes classic bottle-shaped pieces that are reminiscent of antique Coke bottles. The top half is clear with in-depth bands round the center plus a narrow top where the cap would typically be. The bottom half is dark amber brown, exactly like a refreshing drink of cola on a hot summer's day! Our Haribo Happy Cola gummies will put a smile on everyone's face as the bite back on the distinct taste of their favorite sugary beverage! Now you can get bulk cola bottle sweets so that you get more fizzy enjoyment by means of your order. Save them for snack time and school lunches or put them out as a particular treat for guests at birthday parties, picnics and family reunions. No matter what you're observing, Haribo Happy cola bottle gummies will make the occasion more exciting!
  • Mountain Bars 24ct
    If you are frightened of heights, you'll have to get over it and try a taste of our amazing Mountain Bar! These peanut butter, cherry and first Mountain Bars flavors will send your taste buds to a higher level of deliciousness. Since Mountain Bars come individually wrapped and in three different flavors, you'll manage to make everyone in your home happy when you bring a big box of these candies house. Add some to a dessert table, bring some on a ski trip, or simply appreciate these classic candies when you want a sweet fix you'll love.
  • Charleston Chews Candy Bars 120ct Snack Size
    Move your feet and clap your hands for this famous confection, Charleston Chews Candy Bars! Created in 1922, this classic candy bar was named after the famous dance, The Charleston. With a chewy, vanilla nougat center covered in melty milk chocolate, these candy bars have been a favorite for a long time. Bring some home to your family and share a sweet treat any day of the week. They are also great to put in a pi?ata, make your own sundae bar, or to keep round the home to add to the top of cupcakes and other baked treats. Let these sweets dance their way in your mouth and heart now when you purchase this bulk bag.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups White Chocolate 24ct
    You all understand the time-tested powers of chocolate and peanut butter. But prepare yourselves for a fresh twist on the classic favourite Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in White Chocolate! These white chocolate peanut butter confections make a great addition to a wedding or even candy buffet pub. Because of their white coloring, they match almost any candy occasion you'll be able to dream up. Created in 1928, these timeless cups have dazzled taste buds around the world and have scaled their way into international recognition. With dozens of adaptations to this favorite sweets, we're certainly happy they came up with this astonishing white chocolate variant and are certain you will be also!
  • Chocolate Cigars 24ct
    Back in the day, no excursion to the delivery room was complete without a celebratory cigar. Today, you can spread the joy of the birth of a brand new baby in a yummier and fitter way with these Chocolate Cigars. They are an innocent and delightful approach to celebrate any exciting event, seem official in their own bright, gold wrappers, and come in conventional, small boxes that resemble the humidors of old. In every astounding carton, you can enjoy rich, melty chocolate that's perfect for celebrating a growing family. Drag, savor, and celebrate with each delicious chocolate cigar in this bulk assortment.
  • Solid Chocolate Roses 48ct
    Designed to look like a real, red rose, these foil wrapped Solid Chocolate Roses are equal parts romantic and yummy! Wine and dine your sweetheart and cap off the night by giving her a bouquet of Solid Chocolate Roses.Not only are they kind, but she will have the ability to enjoy the look and taste of this edible flower. These Solid Chocolate Roses likewise make great additions to Valentine's Day gift baskets, Mother's Day presents, anniversary dinners, first dates, and anything else that calls for something extra special and additional flavorful!A rose by any other name would never smell as sweet! That is because these Solid Chocolate Roses are the best of the very best.
  • Gumball Smiles 850ct
    What could be better than a yellowish gumball? How about one that additionally has a cheerful smiley face! Our gumball grins are just one of the most joyful sweets you'll ever put in your mouth. If you want to produce fun atmosphere for a celebration or lift someone's spirits, these happy go lucky confections are a great spot to start. Each piece is round with a solid yellow exterior and black grin with matching eyes printed on one side. Admire the charming saying then take a morsel and find why our gumballs are really so tasty! Each is soft, chewy and packed with sweet flavor. Our bulk gumball grins are suitable when making birthday bash favors. Companies can give them out to customers as a special thank you that is certain to get them smile! Add them to a gift basket and spread the nice cheer among family and friends. Gumball grins are also a must-have at your next candy buffet!
  • Green Apple Gumballs 850ct
    This apple didn't fall far from the tree. And we are certainly glad it didn't because these Green Apple Gumballs are a delicious tribute to their orchard-growing buddies. With a brilliant green hard candy shell exterior and flavorful, tart green apple bubblegum interior, you'll bite into these chewing gum apples with a smile on your face. Stock an olde timey gumball machine with a few of these for a brilliant and tasty treat, make goodie bags for a green themed party, or add them to a sweet buffet bar on St Patrick's Day for a thematic and tasty treat. Whatever you do, don't forget to blow some bubbles with these delicious gumballs!
  • Watermelon Gumballs 850ct
    Why do watermelons only have elaborate weddings? Because they cantaloupe. That one gets us every time! And we're certain you'll be smiling from ear to ear as soon as you take a bite of one of these lovely green Watermelon Gumballs.With the beautiful light and dark green editions of the outside of a real watermelon, these watermelon gum balls look like the real price and taste amazing. Stuff a few of these into an old fashioned gumball machine for a fun summer turn. Add a few of these gumballs to a dessert table at a backyard summer picnic. Or order a few of these watermelon bubble gum balls to give away in goodie bags at your next summertime party.
  • Pink Lemonade Gumballs 850ct
    Girly girls, listen up! These pink, pink lemonade gumballs are here to make your next party the talk of the resort area. Bring home several bags of these perfect pink cuties to display in a gumball dispenser for a retro appearance, set them out in a fish bowl for a conventional candy buffet sense, or add them to goodie bags for your friends to take home. They're the ideal addition for a princess party, tea party, or any girly get together you can dream up. No matter what you choose, their sweet, citrusy flavor and cute, bright color will be a sense!
  • Grape Gumballs 850ct
    What do the early Greeks, Mayans and modern day baseball players have in common? Bubble gum! This historical chewable has existed for a centuries and these Grape Gumballs are here to continue the heritage of yum! Fill an olde timey bubble gum machine, add them to a glass jar for a retro candy buffet display, or even give them out to friends as a pretty party favor. These brilliant, polished purple gumballs are prepared to supply your jaw a scrumptious job to do chewing and blowing bubbles! And with over 85 gum balls per instance, you will be chewing happily for a long time.
  • Really Cherry Gourmet Gumballs 850 CT
    Really cherry gourmet gumballs are the Porsche of the bubble gum world. These slick little morsels are packaged with astounding cherry flavor that can make your taste buds dance with joy! Every section is covered in a shiny casing. The smooth surface and captivating color gives each gumball an eye-catching texture that's similar to staring into a crystal ball, mesmerized by all you see! Each 1-inch gumball is filled with cherry flavored chewing gum. The shell appears tough, but gives as soon as you bite down to have the smooth bubble gum underneath. Our cherry gourmet gumballs are ideal for old time gumball machines! You can also use them to fill party and wedding party favors. The all red color makes it very easy to fit these enticing orbs up with themed events and more! Our enormous bulk bubblegum pack includes a generous variety of bits in order to share the sweet flavor of gourmet cherry with large crowds.
  • Bubble Gum Cigars 36ct
    Itis a boy! Itis a girl! Back in the day, the birth of every baby was celebrated with a drag of a cigar in the waiting room. Now, you can love this rite in a fruitier and healthier way with these Bubblegum Cigars. They're an innocent and delicious approach to observe any exciting event and come in cute little boxes that resemble the humidors of old. In every red box, you can enjoy orange, grape, and strawberry flavors. And in every yellow box, look forward to chewing on a mixture of banana, mint, and fruity flavors. Drag, chew, blow bubbles, and observe with each delectable bubblegum cigar in this bulk assortment.
  • Red Vines Black Licorice Twists Jar 240ct
    Red Vines black licorice twists pack strong flavor in a delightfully chewy treat! Each strand features the classic ebony radiance that is the trademark of savory licorice pieces. This fat free candy makes a mouthwatering snack anytime, day or night! Conceal a jar in your pantry or leave it out to share with friends and family. Licorice is also a great accompaniment to picnic and celebration fare! It is simple to eat, makes no mess and may be served with or without a plate. Every morsel of Red Vines licorice is a trip back in time. This delectable confection features extract derived from licorice root, an ingredient that's been utilized through the periods to make teas, cakes and other edibles. The glorious mixture of licorice extract and sugar or honey was discovered later, making the first candy variation enormously popular in the 1800s. Today we can enjoy delicious Red Vines black licorice anytime we want - just
  • Red Vines Licorice Whips 24ct
    Braid 'em. Mold 'em. Play Tarzan and Jane with 'em. Yards and yards of Red Vines Licorice Whips are ready to thrill imaginations and sweet desires, likewise! With a classic, fruity red licorice flavor and resistless chewy feel, this is an American classic your family will love. And with 24 individually wrapped ropes per box, the options are as endless as the licorice themselves. Red Vines have been roping customers in for over 9 years and still use sweet making conventions from their early western beginnings. Suffice to say, our love story with this particular sweet is a ''long'' one!
  • Original Red Vines Red Licorice Twists Jar 240ct
    These delicious ropes are created of red licorice. You'll find that these are soft but chewy at exactly the same time. This is really a texture that a lot of people want to eat in regards to candy. They also offer a terrific flavor that is certain to impress. They come in a jar that contains 240 of them which means you will have enough for a number of your special occasions in which they may be utilized. This really is among the sweets that are certain to be a success with people of all ages. This really is also not a candy that is disorganized which means it's great for smaller children. Licorice flavor has been adored for many years and for some this can even bring back pleasant childhood memories. You're sure to find you will be happy with all aspects of the great candies if you are eager to give it a go.
  • Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy 120ct
    Green, white, and minty. These Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy are a tasty mint your whole family will adore. Take your gingerbread house building to another level using a smattering of these minty wonders, make a Christmas candies display even prettier and much more delightful, or even stick a few in your purse to enjoy a breath freshening treat whenever you want. The glowing green and white swirls are delightful to look at and provide a refreshing burst of spearmint flavor your mouth will crave. With 120 pieces per order, you will have enough yummy mints to please a bunch.
  • Jumbo Mint Balls Hard Candy 120ct
    Make way for a large dose of peppermint flavor! These Jumbo Mint Balls are a sphere full of refreshing minty flavor that your mouth will adore. Their exquisite red and white swirls make them the perfect sweet addition to a Christmas candy show, gingerbread house making with your family, a shore party (since these little balls resemble beach balls!), and even a Fourth of July event. With 12 of these flavorful candies balls in every order, there is enough to do it all. Use your imagination to determine how you and your close family and friends can enjoy these tasty mints.
  • Jones Soda Carbonated Candy 8ct
    Jones Soda carbonated candy provides a new way to enjoy your favorite beverage! Classic Jones Soda is a well-known choice because it's made using cane sugar instead of unhealthy high fructose corn syrup. If you like a cold, refreshing Jones Soda, then you need to try these unique candies. Along with a one of a kind taste, Jones Soda carbonated candy also comes in an elegant branded tin. Each tine includes a black backdrop with "Jones" in shimmering silver. The tin container keeps your mints fresh and simple to carry. Jones Soda carbonated candy also makes a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer. It's possible for you to get larger quantities with our convenient Jones Soda carbonated candies in mass! Keep a box at home or take to the office to share with coworkers and clients.
  • Candy Charm Bracelets 48ct
    Sweet charm bracelets lets kids and adults wear their candy till they eat it! This is one of the most famous confections frequently located at holiday events, birthday parties and other child-friendly celebrations. Each contains an elastic cord that may conform to the size of most wrists. Each length supports a length of disk-shaped sweets in varying colours. One end includes a sizable candies pendant in a matching colour. Sweet jewelry is a fun way to fill treat bags! Our bulk candies charm bracelets contain a sizable quantity so you could adapt a bunch of almost any size. Keep a bundle on hand at home so that you've got at least something to give any visitors that occur by. Each candies charm bracelet is created out of premium quality ingredients and contain pastel colors of pink, yellow, green and white.
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