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  • Rainbow Sticks 36ct
    Shade. Flavor. Fun! These Rainbow Sticks have it all with their hard candy crunch, fruity flavor and vibrant swirl of rainbow colors. And in this box, you will have a whole lot of fun to go around. Take one lick as well as your tongue will begin to turn a lovely rainbow color! Have fun wagging your tongues near to compare colors or keep your mouths closed and enjoy these Rainbow Sticks as they melt down on your taste buds. Much like a lollipop stick, these hard candies are perfect for using as garnishes in beverages like lemonade and punch. You can also make an adult beverage even more delicious and exquisite by adding some Rainbow Sticks to the mix. Gay pride, St. Patrick's Day and the first day of Spring are also other occasions where you can celebrate with a rainbow-styled treat.
  • Peaches & Cream Candy Sticks 80ct
    Old fashioned candy sticks by Gilliam are a must-have treat for any confectionary connoisseur. These delightful sticks of flavor conjure images of simpler times when kids dashed to the candy shop to buy their favorite sweets for several coins. Today you may enjoy that same great flavor with Gilliam peaches and cream candy sticks! Each length is packaged with enormous fruit flavor along with the smooth feel you understand and love. Our Gilliam hard candy sticks arrive independently packaged in clear wrappers. This allows you to admire the brilliant hues that decorate each piece. Our Peaches and cream hard candy features a rich blend of vibrant orange and sunshine yellow that twists from top to bottom. These creamy-sweet candy sticks look fantastic whether you prop them up in a glass vase, candy bowl or use them to fill up party favors! Our bulk old fashioned candy stick pack gives you large amounts that are ideal fo
  • Cinnamon Candy Sticks 80ct
    With the allure of an old barbershop pole, the hot sweetness of cinnamon, as well as a hard candy crunch this old fashioned stick has it all. You can meet a spicy and sweet craving, stir them into a cup of hot cocoa or hot mulled cider for a unique twist, and even use them as an adorable decoration on a gingerbread house! There are just so many chances. And with 8 sticks in every package, there are enough to do it all. These classic sticks have existed for generations and still possess the gusto to wow your friends and family.
  • Butterscotch Candy Sticks 80ct
    Butterscotch and candy sticks: two classics that have eventually united to bring you a nostalgic flavor of yesteryear! Bring back the happy, memory-filled days of yore with a lick of one of these Butterscotch Old Fashioned Candy Sticks. Their gold yellowish and honey coloured swirls are an ideal complement to their rich, buttery flavor. Stock up on these for a joyful Thanksgiving dessert inclusion, use them as a delicious hot chocolate stirrer, or just have some around the home for any of your classic candies fans to appreciate. With 8 individually wrapped candy sticks in every single box, you will have enough to go around.
  • Chocolate Candy Sticks 80ct
    Chocolate candy sticks are the long lasting treat that is flavorful and homesick! For generations, youngsters have ran to their local candy shop to relish the sweet flavor of flavorful hard candy. Now you can relive those fond memories with your favourite flavor! Gilliam's old fashioned candy sticks are easy, elegant and completely magnetic. Each extended piece contains a sturdy tube of delectable hard candy with a rich chocolate flavor. This variant comes in a dark, deep brown with a brilliant white stripe that runs from end to end. The clear wrapper, emblazoned with the famed Gilliam's symbol, permits the beautiful pattern to show through. Match our classic candy sticks up with a special event or theme. They're magnificent when placed upright in jars or vases at showers. Send guests away with something sweet by adding these chocolaty sticks to your wedding favors! Keep them at home as a fast sugar fix or take the
  • Blueberry Candy Sticks 80ct
    Get ready for your tongues to turn blue! These Blueberry Old Fashioned Candy Sticks have sufficient blueberry power to dye your mouth and satisfy your sweet tooth. Having a blue themed birthday party for a family member or pal? Celebrating the birth of a baby boy? Need to add some soda of flavor to typical punches and lemonades? These classic candy sticks may do that all and more with a tasty, long lasting flavor. With 80 individually wrapped candy sticks in each box, you will have enough to go around. Get a taste of summer's favorite berry by means of your order of these appetizing sticks now!
  • Black Cherry Blow Pops 48ct
    One of the newest flavors of Blow Pops is additionally one of the most incredible! Volume, display-packaged Black Cherry Blow Pops comprise a heart of bubble gum within a thick shell of dark, lustrous black cherry candies. It's two kinds of confection on one convenient stick! Popular for classroom benefits, lunch bags, and birthday parties, Blow Pops also make a tasty and nostalgia-inducing treat when you need something to pick up your mood. Featured in a display box that is ideal for shop counters and retro sweets buffets, wholesale Black Cherry Blow Pops are the ideal candies option when you want something familiar and interesting. Not too prosaic in flavor, these pops will jazz up your event or draw individuals to a fair booth. Bursting with flavor at the start and full of long lasting chewing gum, these suckers make a fantastic on the go dessert!
  • Blue Razzberry Blow Pops 48ct
    Bring on the old razzle dazzle because our Blue Razzberry Blow Pops are here for you to bring home! In a rocking bright blue wrapper and electric blue colored lollipop, these classic suckers can get your blood pumping with their delicious blue raspberry flavor and interesting appearance. And since these Blue Razzberry Blow Pops come in bulk, you will have enough to spread the excitement amongst your friends and family. Lick, chomp and suck on these sodas and you'll find an even more delightful thing at the very end: bubble gum! So this means you will have the ability to keep your mouth noshing on deliciousness for a long time whenever you love these bright blue pops.
  • Red Striped Ball Petite Lollipops 400ct
    These Red Striped Ball Petite Lollipops might be modest in size, however they're positively bursting with flavor. The way the red stripes swirl around the white ball you'd immediately assume these treats taste like candy canes, right? Well, perhaps you are anticipating to taste peppermint, but your taste buds are in for a rather huge surprise. Only one lick and your mouth is full of a refreshingly sweet cherry flavor. The fun component of the surprise makes these lilliputian red lollipops even more fascinating. Simply because these lollies do not taste like peppermint does not mean they're not a hit around the holidays. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and gift bags, and they're a fine little extra to tape on holiday cards you hand out round the office. Are you really planning a wedding as well as your bridesmaids are wearing red? You won't find a candy more perfect than these Red Striped Ball Petite Lollipo
  • Sour Apple Blow Pops 48ct
    Why the sour puss? Get used to getting asked this question a lot if you order Sour Apple Blow Pops! With a tart sour apple tang and hard candy crunching, you can anticipate a tasty bubblegum center to save the day and give your pucker a rest. Purchase a bulk box of these Sour Apple Blow Pops if you have a family or group of friends who love lollipops that package serious pucker power. They are also terrific set out in a candy jar, given away as good bag stuffers or kept in the pantry for when you'll need a sweet treat that bites back.
  • Super Blow Pops from Charms 48ct
    Super-sized, two sweets in one, Super Blow Pops from Charms join the long lasting sugary goodness of suckers with the pleasing slow burn of sweet gum. These delectable twofers are ideal for weddings, birthday parties, and classrooms. Super Blow Pops are readily formed into bouquets, trees, and any other imaginable design for that super sweet ornamentation. Super Pops make amazing Trick-R-Treat giveaways, and party favors for any themed party. Super Pops can even be used for party games. These tasty treats are also great for break rooms, and catch baskets in companies. They provide a thank you to customers along with a pick me up for workers. Super Blow Pops also make great fundraisers to assist your business meet its' aims. These sodas are great for private noshing when only the sweetest treat will do. 48 assorted flavors come in each classic display box, ensuring everyone gets their favorite, every time.
  • Large Purple Striped Ball Lollipops 100ct
    We always have a ball whenever we have these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops approximately. Maybe it's due to their vibrant purple and white stripes. Or maybe it's due to their pleasure, beach ball appearing layout. We are not sure, but we're positive our mouths are always joyful after indulging on some of these. Make your family happy as well as your taste buds jump for joy with a bulk bag of these Big Purple Striped Ball Lollipops. They make wonderful add-ons to candies buffet pubs, can be doled out in gift baskets round the holidays or simply keep in your kitchen counter and snacked on when you'll need a delicious treat that makes you smile.
  • Purple Striped Ball Petite Lollipops 400ct
    Let us let out a collective "awwwwww" shall we? How could we not when we get a gander at these adorable and lovely Purple Striped Ball Petite Lollipops? With exquisite light purple and white stripes, these ball shaped lollipops are also so dainty and small that they'll make you coo over them for their appearance and flavor for hours and hours! Order a bulk supply of these Purple Striped Ball Petite Lollipops to construct a sweet buffet for a little girl's birthday party. Possibly bring some home to keep in a glass candy jar and add a little glamour to your kitchen counter. Or just stock up on some of these Purple Striped Ball Petite Lollipops to make any day of the week all the more specific.
  • 12 Flavor Gummi Mini Worms Peg Bag 12ct
    Everyone loves the wiggly, wobbly taste of classic gummy worms! Now you can enjoy your favourite classic sweet in 12 irresistible flavors. Albanese understands the best way to create a high quality treat. For more than three decades, the brand has been creating a number of the world's finest chewy confections. They even work to enhance your favourite sweets with technology that improves flavor using flavorful ingredients sourced from the U.S. and Europe! Our bulk mini gummy worms are a good solution to bring Albanese in your home! This package features many peg bags that are convenient for events and everyday snacking. Hide a peg bag in your pantry, desk drawer or any place you may have to catch something pleasant and satisfying! This gluten free, fat free candy comes in many popular flavors including green apple, pineapple, lemon, mango, lime, grape, orange, strawberry, pink grapefruit, wild cherry, watermelon and
  • Gummi Frogs 12ct
    Everyone will jump for joy when they get a taste of Haribo gummy frogs! These little green candies aren't slick and slimy, but they offer a smooth, soft feel that is enjoyable on the tongue. Each piece includes interesting details that recreate this popular amphibian
  • Mini Gummi Worms 12 Flavor Peg Bag 6ct
    Miniature gummy worms offer the same excellent flavor as larger gummy candy but in a fun size! Our delightful worms are super chewy and wiggly. Each piece includes a classic shape with rounded ends and a subtly segmented body that looks the same as a real earth worm. Unlike the actual soil living critter, our Albanese mini gummy worms come in a rainbow of colors. Each piece features two colours, that range from orange, red and yellowish to white, blue and green. Now you can taste the astonishing gummy flavor that comes from Albanese's thirty years in the confectionary company in every peg bag. Our bulk mini gummy worms comprises several peg bags, each featuring an array of 12 mouthwatering flavors. Sink your teeth into lime, lemon, pineapple, green apple, mango, grape, blue raspberry, orange, strawberry, pink grapefruit, watermelon or wild cherry. Experience the unmistakable flavor and feel which makes Albanese min
  • Mini Gummy Butterflies Peg Bags 9oz 6ct
    Mini butterfly gummies by Albanese are one of the chewiest, most delectable treats you will ever sink your teeth into! For the past three decades, Albanese has been working to enhance its candies offerings. With the company's progress in gelatin flavor, it is no wonder that their delicious gummy treats have eventually become a fast favorite among candy enthusiasts and casual snackers. Whether you are a serious gummy connoisseur or simply someone who appreciates something sweet, you will adore the smooth texture and flavor of these enchanting butterfly candies! Our bulk miniature butterfly gummies contains a big package comprising several peg bags. Each peg bag is sealed so your candies stays fresh and ready to love. Give them out as a special present or benefit or keep them wherever you are likely to need a sweet treat. Children will love the brilliant colors and lively shape as well as the unique flavors included
  • Neon Squiggles Gummi Worms 12ct
    Neon Squiggles gummy worms are interesting, vibrant and always prepared to eat! Everyone loves the soft, chewy flavor of classic gummy worms. This popular treat was really created to honor the 60th birthday of the gummy bear. Even though they came later, gummy worms are just as delicious and preferred by many sweets lovers because of their long, bendable shape! Each gummy worm includes a narrow body with rounded ends. The back is covered in a segmented pattern that appears similar to the body of a actual worm. The underside is flat so it sits upright on flat surfaces. You get multiple colors in every worm! Flavor yellow, red, white and green in every Trolli Squiggles bag! Our bulk gummy worms are suitable for birthday parties and more. Use them to fill party favors or add a fun touch by decorating cakes with these chewy worm candies. Everyone will adore the sweet flavor and lively appearance of Trolli Neon Squiggle
  • Peach Gummy Rings Peg Bags 7oz 12ct
    Albanese peach ring gummies are a great option for anyone who loves large, juicy flavor! Albanese isn't simply a sweet brand, it is also a firm that has helped engineer the sweets we know and love today. They developed new technology that allowed for better flavor release in the gelatins used to make gummy candy. Albanese continues to enhance its delicious confections to bring you more sweet treats like their juicy peach gummy rings! Our bulk peach ring package features several peg bags. Each peg bag contains a generous part of ring shaped gummies. Start on the glowing yellowish or bold orange side to tempt taste buds with the juicy flavor of fresh picked peaches. This fat free, gluten free candy is covered in a sugary coating to boost flavor and texture. Keep your Albanese gummy peg bags at home, work or in the automobile
  • Rattle Snakes Bag 12ct
    Rattle snake gummies may look dangerous, however they are full of super sweet flavor! Unlike the real thing, these slithery serpents won't take a bite out of you. Instead, you can nibble on each long, slender bit. Our Haribo snake gummies comprise a wormlike shape with serpentine head and rattle tail. Every inch is covered in bright colors, including green, orange and red! Our snake candy is so delicious, you will need to share it! That is the reason why we provide a convenient bulk candies bag. You get more of your favorite confections with each purchase! Keep them at home so that you've got a quick go to snack for the children. These enchanting snakes adore slithering into school lunches, too! Pour them into a bowl and love at western themed celebrations, picnics or anytime you want to delight guests with the smooth, chewy flavor of Haribo gummies! This snack is also fat free so you could savor each bite without
  • Cookies N Cream Bars from Hershey's 36ct
    Buried beneath the melty white chocolate of the candy bar lays tasty and crunchy cookie pieces. Are you really drooling yet? Well, with these Cookies N Cream Hershey's Bars, you definitely should be! If you're an enthusiastic baker who's on the watch for the next finest cookie or brownie ingredient, then stock yourself up on some of these Hershey's Cookies N Cream Bars and toss some broken up bits into all of your confections to come. Your family and friends will be amazed and it'll be our little secret. Or if you simply love an alternate kind of candy bar, then give these cookies and cream bars a go and see how quickly you'll fall in love.
  • 5th Avenue Bars 18ct
    5th Avenue candy bars are another enticing treat created by the world-renowned Hershey business! The original candy bar was introduced by Luden's in 1936.Even though the candy bar is not advertised, it's still a popular choice that is sold across the country. Our bulk 5th Avenue box is the simplest way to get your favorite full size candy bar without having to hunt your local stores! This classic sweet contains a crunchy peanut butter filling that is covered in a smooth, delectable blanket of rich chocolate. Take a bite to take pleasure in the favorite mix of peanut butter and chocolate! Each 5th Avenue candy bar is individually wrapped in the familiar dark wrapper with glowing yellow text. Even if you are hundreds of miles from Manhattan, you can still enjoy this New York themed confection anytime, anyplace! Our bulk 5th Avenue candy bars are a must-have for parties, holidays, occasions and at home noshing.
  • Heath Bars 24ct
    The Heath brothers certainly did make perfection with all the development of this candy bar. No wonder they gave the bar their last name! If you haven't indulged in one of these divine bars, you are in for a particular treat. At first glance they look like an easy bar of creamy milk chocolate. But when you sink your teeth into one and are greeted by a sheet of drool-inducing English toffee, you understand why folks get a little absurd over these confection masterpieces. When Heath Bars were first introduced in 1928, they were marketed as a health bar since they were made with just the best ingredients, including pure sugar cane. They were made by hand all the way until 1942. They were also a basic included in rations for soldiers during World War II. This 24-count supply of Heath Bars is more than enough to share, but you can definitely keep these certified kosher treats all to yourself.
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars 36ct
    One candy that has been a favorite for many over the years and still is, is the Hershey's milk chocolate. These superb candy bars are nothing short of delicious. There's just something about the way that these can melt in your mouth when you take a bite. They are smooth and amazing. This is excellent if you're looking to use them to make s'mores. In addition , they are amazing all on their own. These are full sized bars which are wrapped independently. If you are one with a sweet tooth frequently then you will really manage to take advantage of the bulk 36 count box of them. It'll ensure that you've got a solution to indulge in this wonderful tasting candy bar when you decide that you want to or want to. Nothing is better compared to the sweet chocolaty flavor of Hershey's. Kids and adults are both able to relish this amazing sweets.
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