Chocolate Lentils

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  • Blue Chocolate Lentils
    Mmmmm! These Blue Chocolate Lentils are one glorious treat with their tough shell of rich, blue sugary sweets and interior chocolate disks. In the event you are a devotee of M&Ms, then you certainly will adore these Blue Chocolate Lentils since they're much the same in flavor and feel. These Blue Chocolate Lentils are a great sweet to have in the kitchen pantry to fill home sweet bowls, set inside goodie bags to give to particular fathers, or pair with other coloured candies which are also thematic with the affair! Order a number of these Blue Chocolate Lentils in bulk and you will manage to snack and plan fun events for quite a long time.
  • Brown Chocolate Lentils
    When it's what's on the inside that counts, then these Brown Chocolate Lentils are an excellent indicator! That is because with a rich, brown sweet shell and an interior disk of delectable, melty chocolate, the inside and exterior look almost exactly alike! They've exactly the same crunch and flavor as the well-known brand and are just as yummy. Fill your Thanksgiving candy bowls with these Brown Chocolate Lentils for a festive color and sweet. Even mix these Brown Chocolate Lentils in with another color or flavor candies to up the yum variable even more!
  • Mocha Chocolate Lentils
    Are you a budding barista? Do you love sitting at cafes and sipping on a cup of joe? Well, these Mocha Chocolate Lentils are just the ticket as it pertains to a great treat for java lovers. Stock your coffee bar using a jar full of our mocha lentils and you're going to have at least something to add to the top of cappuccino froth, the bottom of black coffee for a bit of sweetness and mocha flavor or to eat alongside your morning cup of coffee. In dark brown and tan, these Mocha Chocolate Lentils have a delightful tough shell and mocha chocolate inside much like M&Ms. Give them a try today and make your morning caffeine routine all the more yummy!
  • Dark Green Chocolate Lentils
    In case you adore green and chocolate, these Dark Green Chocolate Lentils are going to be a great alternative. Because of their brilliant color, they make a great addition to Easter, springtime, Christmas or even St. Patrick's Day. The interesting part is you could determine all the ways that you'd like to enjoy these Dark Green Chocolate Lentils.Green as the grass. Green as the Emerald Isle. Green with envy is what you'll be if you see someone else munching on these Dark Green Chocolate Lentils and you do not have a bag yourself! Much like M&M's these small chocolate discs are full of hard shell candies crunch, melty milk chocolate interior and an addictive property that will make it challenging to stop munching!
  • Light Green Chocolate Lentils
    When you think of lentils, you likely think of soup. You definitely don't think of sweet chocolates, but that is exactly what light green chocolate lentils are. They're perfectly sized chocolates using a hard candy shell and soft chocolate on the interior. Their light green colour makes them a perfect addition to a springtime wedding or a St. Patrick's Day party. They're ideal for your candy dish at home or work, or for a dessert buffet at your next party or gathering.
  • Orange Chocolate Lentils
    If you're buying change to the conventional milk chocolate M&M's then you may find that orange chocolate lentils is simply what you've been looking for. These are great if you intend to truly have a Halloween party and are seeking a fun an exciting candy to add. These candies are orange in color and are coated with a milk chocolate. In the middle you may manage to find wafers. This implies that you're sure to get candies that is going to please almost everyone. After all who doesn't enjoy the flavor of wafers and chocolate? In case you plan to make use of these at a celebration or special event then you'll find the bulk bag will probably be amazing in making sure that you've enough to go around.
  • Red Chocolate Lentils
    Why did the traffic light turn red? Because it saw the other light transforming! We'll also make these Red Chocolate Lentils blush by telling you all about how amazing, delectable, and gorgeous they're! With a glowing, fire engine red shell and melty milk chocolate interior, they're a perfect treat from the inside out! Make Valentine's Day even more intimate by wrapping up some of these Red Chocolate Lentils and giving them to your loved one. Even pair some Red Chocolate Lentils with green sweets to observe Christmas or with blue and white for the Fourth of July.
  • Yellow Chocolate Lentils
    Our yellow chocolate lentils are full of rich flavor and brilliant colour. Any occasion that uses shades of yellow will be even better when you serve up these bright discs of sweetness! This classic treat is named following the well known legume. Each carries a round piece of solid chocolate, much like an M&M candies. The exterior contains a crisp candy shell in vivid yellow! Bulk yellow chocolate lentils are a great way to add personality to guest tables and much more. No one will be able to resist the brilliant hue or perfect gleam of each chocolaty morsel. Chocolate lentils are also a good method to dress up edible decor like gingerbread houses. Set them on cakes, cookies, cupcakes or other baked goods. Whether you bake with them, eat them alone or serve them at events, our yellow chocolate lentils are going to be a big hit!
  • Light Pink Chocolate Lentils
    It is a girl! Get ready to clarify this at your next baby shower with an arrangement of these Light Pink Chocolate Lentils. With a beautiful, pale pink hard candy shell and melty milk chocolate inside, these small morsels are full of enough cuteness and sweetness to make the day extra special. In case you merely love pink and chocolate and also don't have anything in particular to observe, these Light Pink Chocolate Lentils are amazing for that also! Get ready for Valentine's Day, a breast cancer awareness event, or birthday party for a person who's crazy about pink. These Light Pink Chocolate Lentils are ready to do it all and more and look amazing throughout it all, also!
  • Purple Chocolate Lentils
    This sweet is deep. Strong purple that's. Plus, in a shiny purple shell, these Purple Chocolate Lentils are likewise a lovely sweet to exhibit before you eat them. They match with virtually any other sweet and can be discarded into sweet dishes or around centerpieces to make the night even more memorable. Order some Purple Chocolate Lentils today to make every occasion even more amazing!