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  • Alien Night Pops Assorted 24ct
    Children love outer space and Alien Face Night Pops bring out of this world fun to your kids on their birthdays and special party second. Glow in the dark alien face lollipops provide this extraterrestrial amusement anywhere they can be handed out. It doesn't matter which flavor a child finds delicious, these pops will bring it. Selecting from green apple, pink strawberry, green apple or orange, there's an alien that will be just the correct flavor to make each child smile. The fact that each of these candies treats has the face of an alien on would be enough by itself to make every child desire one. That makes each of the aliens seem particularly creepy and scary until the minute they may be devoured by famished party goers.
  • Ice Age 2 PEZ 12ct
    All your favorite characters from Ice Age 2 are now accessible as enjoyable Pez dispensers! Remember the great times shared by Diego, Manny, Sid and the skittish Scrat while tasting the sweet flavor of delectable Pez candies. Our assortment is the best method to get a variety for parties, picnics and events! Each bulk Pez dispenser box has a variety of individual dispensers with candies. The colorful dispensers are wrapped so they stay clean and ready to use! Give them as a special reward for work well done at school or order a box or two to utilize as Easter basket or stocking stuffers during the holidays. Every kid will love eating Pez and playing with the lovable characters from Ice Age 2!
  • Screwy Bubble 12ct
    Love bubblegum in an entirely new way with Screwy Bubble! This novelty sweet is unlike anything you've ever seen. The base bears the playful Screwy Bubble symbol with a twisted shape that is similar to a screw. Pop it off and prepare to dispense delicious bubblegum good! Our bulk Screwy Bubble carton is a good selection for occasions and parties. Use them to fill up birthday bash favors or hand them out as prizes after games or school tasks. Screwy Bubble also makes a flavorful stocking stuffer. Keep them at home as an enjoyable treat for the children or make an occasion extra special with unusual Screwy Bubble bubblegum dispensers!
  • Baby Bottle Pops Candy 20ct
    Baby Bottle Pops are a fun novelty candies which makes snack time more exciting! Our Baby Bottle Soda Crunchy candy adds even sweeter flavor with a big crunching! The candy is substantially the same as it was, with a couple unique changes like those seen in our Baby Bottle Pops Crunchy candy! Each container carries a plastic base that contains a mixture of colorful candies pieces. The top features a bottle nipple shaped candy with a plastic cover that keeps it clean and fresh between snack sessions. Our bulk Baby Bottle Pops box features an variety of classic fruit flavors. They are an excellent option for birthday party favors, stocking stuffers and school activities!
  • Jones Soda Carbonated Candy 8ct
    Jones Soda carbonated candy provides a new way to enjoy your favorite beverage! Classic Jones Soda is a well-known choice because it's made using cane sugar instead of unhealthy high fructose corn syrup. If you like a cold, refreshing Jones Soda, then you need to try these unique candies. Along with a one of a kind taste, Jones Soda carbonated candy also comes in an elegant branded tin. Each tine includes a black backdrop with "Jones" in shimmering silver. The tin container keeps your mints fresh and simple to carry. Jones Soda carbonated candy also makes a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer. It's possible for you to get larger quantities with our convenient Jones Soda carbonated candies in mass! Keep a box at home or take to the office to share with coworkers and clients.
  • Gold Mine Gum 24ct
    This really is the kind of gum they sold way back when, and many people still appreciate it to this very day. In case you like to bring back those days, then you'll definitely desire to stock up on Gold Mine Gum. Inside this bag, you'll find bubblegum nuggets that are especially made to be yellow to look just like actual parts of gold! The display box is cute too, so it makes an excellent addition to your vintage sweet selection. This box has 24 individual bags! Most people really love candy that's been brought back, since it takes them back to years when they were younger.
  • Lip Licker Mini Rollers 48ct
    Pucker up and roll these Lip Licker Mini Rollers on your own lips and you will surprise whoever you are kissing with a sour jolt! That is because these Lip Licker Mini Rollers are created of super sour liquid candy that you can apply like lip gloss and lick off, on tart flavor at a time. In red, blue, and purple, these sour flavors will keep your palate happily surprised for many snacks to come. Make a birthday party for your little boys and girls more memorable with these Lip Licker Mini Rollers. You can give them out in goodie bags, stuff some into pi
  • Strawberry Cream Cow Tales 36ct
    We'd like to consider that's what happened with these astonishing Strawberri Cream Cow Stories anyways. And we are certain you are going to absolutely adore them due to their light, creamy, and sweet strawberry flavor alongside their delicious chewy taffy texture. In a light pink, these candy ropes are lookers also. Bring some house in case you'd like to add an extra special component to a pinata, birthday party, or candies gift basket. In addition they make great milk stirrers and will make any bite time all the more memorable.
  • Push Pops 24ct
    Shove Pops are a classic lolly which you can wear on the tip of your finger! In an first assortment of Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry and a twisted range of Strawberry Watermelon, Raspberry Lemonade, Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry Watermelon, and Rainbow Sherbet, there are a ton of alternatives to select from! Surprise your friends who grew up in the 90s with an order of these Push Pops. They're sure to love and recall the enjoyment of pushing up on the bottom of the pop to show more and more delicious flavor that they can savor for hours. In this bulk supply, you'll have enough to give out as gifts, keep round the house and enjoy yourself, or stuff into birthday bundles.
  • Pac Man Ghost Candy Sours 18ct
    Sure, he is able to safely eat the ghosts after he has consumed an energizer pellet, but how good can a phantom perhaps flavor? Well, if they taste anything like these Pac Man Ghost Candy Sours then it is easy to understand why he never seems to whine about eating them. These Pac Man Ghost Candy Sours are fruity and delicious. The novelty cans come in blue and red, and are formed like Pac Man's enemies. Indoors are cherry or blue raspberry sour sweets, which are red or blue respectively. These sour sweets are perfect as prizes at kids' parties, or if your son or daughter is having a sleepover, have these treats ready to hand out during film time. Have you got a buddy who is a total gamer? These ghosts make interesting presents that'll undoubtedly be appreciated by anybody who has navigated Pac Man through his ill-famed blue maze.
  • Pac Man Candy Power Pellets 18ct
    Maybe you have wondered what those power pellets taste like that Pac Man doesn't have any difficulty eating nonstop for hours at a time? You might think he is just eating them because it is the lone way to go onto the following period, but we disagree. We believe they must taste like sweet. Why else would it look like he's a long-lasting smile all the time? Whether you are feeling nostalgic, hunting for a fun gift for a gamer, or looking for unique party favors for your child's birthday party, these Pac Man Candy Power Pellets are perfect. This is much more than simply a tin that carries sweet, like you might expect. The Pac Man Candy Power Pellets are dispensed when you line up the proper holes by the mouth. This makes you work just a little for your treat, but nonetheless, it also ensures the pellets don't randomly fall out, because you don't want to waste even one of these yummy sweets.
  • Kits Taffy 100ct
    Travel back in time with delectable Kits taffy! Remember walking to the local candy shop to spend your allowance on a number of packs of dainty Kits sweet? Now you can purchase your favorite childhood treat at FirstChoiceCandy!Each bit is made up of solid block of magnetic taffy that's sweet, chewy and very homesick! Our bulk Kits taffy range features many flavors so you can try them all! Each box contains banana, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Pick out your favorites and save the rest for guests or grab a random handful and enjoy them all! Our large box brings you many separately wrapped Kits taffy so that you've got plenty to share and eat. It's never too late to have the truly amazing taste of Kits taffy!
  • Hello Kitty Sours 18ct Tins
    Each one of these enchanting tins looks like Hello Kitty.they've a blue, red, or green bow. When you open the lid there are pucker-worthy candies in, which can contain blue raspberry, sour apple, and sour cherry. When the candy has been eaten these Hello Kitty Sours Tins may be used to store earrings, beads, or whatever else you need to stuff within. They are not only for children though. You most likely know a minumum of one adult who is a tremendous supporter of this feline. This present will put a huge smile on their face. If you set them on display in your retail store, they're sure to fly off the shelves, especially because they have a really cool display carton, too.
  • Hello Kitty Cupcake Tins 12ct
    Me. Ow! These Hello Kitty Cupcakes Tins are so cunning they'll make your heart and mouth purr with delight. With a collectible tin and delicious sweet inside, you will be able to relish the sweetness now and the cuteness afterwards! Bring these Hello Kitty Cupcakes Tins dwelling when you own a friend or loved one who can't get enough Hello Kitty. They're made to hold individual size candy, so these Hello Kitty Cupcakes Tins are perfect for getting into goodie bags and giving out bat celebrations. They're also perfect for gift baskets, stocking stuffers, get well gifts, or a just because kind of treat!
  • Big Bubbles Candy 15ct
    Regular bubbles may seem fun, but they certainly do not taste very great! Our Big Bubbles sweet lets you blow big, amazing bubbles that are also delicious. Rather, each consists of a liquid sweets so that it tastes sweet and is safe to eat. Each plastic container carries a twist lid in order to save your bubbles for later.A fitting plastic bubble wand is included with a single hoop at one end along with a straight handle. Only dunk the hoop into the liquid candy afterward attentively blow to make a big, gleaming bubble! Each offers cherry flavor, so ensure you take a bite before the bubble pops! Our bulk Huge Bubbles box gives you many individual bottles that are amazing for parties, vacations and occasions. Add to party favors or use as a fun prize for kids at school or community events.
  • Betty Boop Bubble Gum 18ct Tins
    Your favourite pin-up girl, Betty Boop is here in candies kind! With this Betty Boop Bubble Gum, you'll have the ability to chew and blow bubbles like a charming pin-up girl from the 1950s. Get ready to host a fun, pin-up themed celebration by wrap these Betty Boop Bubble Gum tins upward in goodie bags to give out to your guests. Even surprise a tremendous Betty Boop fan with an entire bag of these Betty Boop Bubble Gum for his or her birthday. Whatever you do, you will not ever get ill of the cuteness of this adorable bubblegum.
  • Flavigny Mints 8ct Tins
    Now these Flavigny Mints might have long-lasting minty flavor, but because their cans come in many different layouts and are collectible, you'll have a keepsake for a long time to come! These French mints are actually specific from their cans to their tiny, small white mints. Enjoy these tiny small breath fresheners one at a time or an entire tin at a time in the event you really want an immense rush of freshness. These collectible cans make an excellent present idea, bag stuffers, party favors for a French-themed get together with friends or family, or only an everyday mint you like to look at and nosh on. Say "ooh la la" when you bring home a bulk order of these Enjoy these Flavigny Mints now!
  • Warheads Double Drops 24ct
    Liquid sweet is a great delivery method for strong flavors that actually make their presence known! Knock-you-over sour is the stock in trade of Warheads candies, and wholesale Warheads Double Drops make certain you actually notice the boldness of the iconic sour candy brand's recipe. This novelty candy is packaged in magnificent bottles that challenge you to manage the punch they package. They are constantly fantastic party favors, and they provide a great taste sensation whenever your sweets just don't feel explosive enough to wake up your taste buds. Enormously popular with adolescents, Warheads are filling bites between classes (or meetings) because of their lasting, almost painfully sour sweetness. Enjoy the twin brightly-coloured liquid candies wherever you go for an experience that is memorable to any lover of the sour!
  • Sour Secret Candy Message Maker Gum 12ct
    Pass notes and chew bubblegum with our sour Secret Candies Message Maker! Not only does this novelty sweet taste amazing, it lets you send a hidden message that is edible. Each pack carries a plastic top with a colorful dial. Spell out names, words or whole phrases! This unique treat is like Bubble Tape, but smaller. Each coil of chewiness gives you lots of room to write messages that you can pass to friends. Our bulk Message Maker chewing gum box provides you an assortment packages, each equipped with a dial letter maker in yellow, green or blue. Add them to treat bags for children birthday parties or use them in Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. Children can get a kick out of dialing messages (and practicing their spelling abilities) with this sour bubblegum!

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