Gummy Bears

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  • Red Raspberry Gummi Bears
    Red raspberry gummy bears are a fruit candies with heaps of character! Children and adults alike wont' be able to resist the charms of these edible teddy bears. Each includes a cuddly ursine contour with round ears, smiling muzzles and adorable small foot pads!A gleaming red gummy candy is utilized to make each section to create a brilliant color that is reminiscent of fresh picked raspberries. Our bulk gummy bear pack is the easiest way to keep your pantry stocked. Use them as a dainty after school snack or catch a handful when you're too preoccupied to prepare a treat while on the go. Pour them in a bowl, tulle bag, box or jar to create a display that is eye-catching and irresistible!
  • Red Cherry Gummi Bears
    Cherry gummy bears are excellent for practically any event. They are soft and chewy as well as an excellent red colour that even adults like to take part in. These would make an excellent purchase for Valentine 's Day or Christmas due to the fabulous red colour that they have. When you bite into any of these gummy bears you are certain to find the ripe flavor of cherry is more than enough to please your mouth. Since they come in a bulk bag it is certain to be enough to go around no matter what function you are utilizing them for. If you are buying a method to please almost everyone then this is certainly one of the great candies that is able to get this done. After all who doesn't like the way that these candies are so cute and enjoyable? It is hard to beat the greatness of the amazing merchandise.
  • Christmas Gummi Bears
    These adorable gummy bears are willing to march right into your next Christmas event! Everyone loves the look and taste of classic gummy bears. Our vacation variation provides a similar noshing experience, with a teddy bear shape that includes dainty ears, round paws and also a charming face. Instead of a rainbow of colour, our Christmas gummy bears offer a seasonal palette which includes red, green and white! Bulk gummy bears are an affordable and versatile treat for virtually any event. Children love discovering these cute bear candies in their own vacation treat bags. They also make a fine addition to winter wedding favors or baby shower party favors. Scatter them on as cake decorations or love them as is.
  • Albanese 12 Flavor Gummy Bears
    Get ready for the most elaborate gummy in the woods with these Gourmet Gummy Bears! In a range of colors as well as flavors, these brilliant cubs come bursting with classic fruity, gummy flavor amd a luxury chew. Love a rainbow of bears from red to blue to white. Let your little ones laugh and play as these bears march into their mouths. In this bulk assortment, these bears are the perfect choice to make a candy buffet bar even fancier. Discover why these gourmet gummies are ''bear-resistible!''
  • Beeps Bright Bears
    Beep beep! Move over other sweets, and make way for our incredible Glowing Beep Bears sweets! In vibrant green, yellowish, pink, orange and blue, these bears certain command all the attention in the room. Their taste additionally makes them a show-discontinued because they are coated in sugar and all come packaged with sweet and fruity flavor. Are you a big fan of gummies? Want to add more excitement to your household candy dishes? Have a hankering for a sweet vibrant treat? These Glowing Beep Bears are ideal for all of the above and more.
  • Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears
    This really is one time when everybody should be allowed to play by using their food. And who could resist with these delightful blue raspberry Gummi Bears? Absolutely poppable. Charmingly chewy. Crafted with the care of a tried and true recipe. Everyone will go back for handful after handful of these fruity cuties.WIth each bag brimming with over 145 Gummi Bears per pound, you'll have enough furry friends to keep you business through numerous snack times. Their light fruity flavor has made this assortment a success among customers and will keep everyone coming back for more. They're what we want to call, ''bear-resistible.''
  • Grape Purple Gummi Bears
    Grape gummi bears are packaged with fantastic flavor! Our chewy confections offer outstanding quality in a classic snack that kids have loved for decades. There's something endearing about the dainty bear faces and chubby small teddy bodies that makes this fruity sweet unique. Our gummies are also perfect for special occasions. Decorate tables at parties and weddings by putting out glass bowls filled with purple bears! You can hide a few in favor totes to give guests as a delightful thank you! These charming small treats are also ideal for baby showers and other child-related parties. It's extremely difficult to eat just one! Also check out our other bulk gummy bear packs to find the precise mixture of colors you need for any event or occasion.
  • Yellow Gummy Bears Candy
    Yellow gummy bears are one of the most brilliant bulk candies we offer! Each bit is full of pleasure personality. Inspiration for all these enchanting little treats comes from bears who danced in street festivals during the 1920s, and it really shows in each exciting piece! Our yellowish gummi bears provide a soft, chewy feel combined with the tropical charisma of sweet mango. Now you can order bulk gummies so that you get all the sweet you have to have in the right color for celebrations, weddings, baby showers and other events! You do not need to spend hours sorting through a mixed bag when you order our single color gummy bears! Every bulk candies order comes with the flavor and quality you expect in every bite, from the initial taste to the last.
  • White Pineapple Gummi Bears
    If you are putting together a formal dessert table or buffet, don't forget the White Pineapple Gummi Bears. They're a perfect child-friendly treat that won't collide with the decor for weddings and other formal events. Everyone wins! With these off-white to yellow-coloured gummy candies, the children get the desserts they enjoy, and the grownups get the lovely settings they want. There is some colour variation in making, but nevertheless, it won't be nearly as much as if your children got to pick what went on the dessert tray!
  • White Gummi Bears Strawberry Banana
    Don't let their spotless, white colour deceive you. These tiny Gummi Bears have the powerful strawberry banana flavor of a giant grizzly. Roar! Pretty enough for a wedding candy display, they also are right at home in a five star candies buffet or as a neutral filler candies in gift bags. With a mean of 145 bears per pound, you'll have an entire forest-full of flavorful buddies to share with family and friends. And we would like to think of them as way more delicious compared to the average bear.
  • Red Strawberry Gummi Bears
    What colour socks does a bear love most? They don't wear socks, they've ''bear'' feet! These Red Strawberry Gummi Bears are here to make you grin with deliciousness and cuteness. Their bright, red colour and fruity, strawberry flavor make them a perfect gummi assortment for any affair. Use a handful of them for a refreshing garnish in a summertime fruit punch, add them to a vacation or red themed candies display, or even set them on top of a birthday cake for a chewy surprise. You'll have your own sweet little army of these chewy cuties with this bulk bag!
  • Pink Grapefruit Gummi Bears
    Forget about common gummy bear flavors because our group contains this exceptional fruity favorite! Our pink grapefruit gummy bears provide the exact same chewy taste of your favourite bear shaped candies with the refreshing flavor of ripe grapefruit. Each bear is a pleasant pink colour, much like the succulent meat of a actual grape fruit. These charming small gummy bears are created by Albanese. Each teddy features a classic ursine contour with a recognizable "A" lifted on its abdomen. You know you are acquiring an authentic Albanese handle when you see the simple "A" symbol on every piece. Our single flavor bulk gummy pack gives you all the chewy sweetness you want for parties, picnics and other assemblies. Keep them in your house or in the office as a simple bite featuring your favorite citrus fruit.
  • Peach Gummi Bears
    These little gummy bears scaled a peach tree and ate so many of them that it forever turned them orange! Are you willing to discover what happens to you once you gobble down a bulk order of these Peach Gummi Bears?We're just kidding, we're certain you'd not mind taking on a different color because of the awesome peach flavor and addicting chew these Peach Gummi Bears possess. Bring a few of these to a party and add them to a dessert table for a bright clout of peach flavor and happiness. Even keep some around for Halloween to celebrate with an orange treat.
  • Orange Gummi Bears
    Orange you excited about these? Because we're! A real knee slapper, we know. But in all seriousness, these pint sized, orange Gummi Bears are packed with crisp citrus flavor that'll have you smacking your lips with each chew. Use them to make a thematic Halloween show or drop them in a refreshing summer clout. A popular and well-known chew among candy fans, these make a great choice in satisfying all of your friends and family. Whatever occasion you can dream up, let these adorable bears brighten your day.
  • Green Apple Gummi Bears
    Our bulk gummi bears are an ideal choice for everyone who loves the chewy taste of this classic candies. Whether you're buying for a special event or want to do flavor-unique experiments at home. We can assist! Our green apple gummi bears offer the tangy bite of sour with a bit of apple sweetness. Each adorable small edible bear contains the famous round years, chubby paws and endearing smile that kids have come to love. You'll savor the green apple taste and love the smooth, chewy texture. Gummi bears have been tempting kids since the 1920s. Their entertaining shapes were inspired by trained bears that performed in street festivals throughout Europe. Now we can appreciate that save festive experience in each tasty gummy piece!
  • Gummi Triple Bears
    Cute and colorful, our Vidal gummy Triple Bears provide a distinctive look in a bite that is really sweet! Curb sugar cravings with the great flavor of these chewy candies. Each piece comprises a traditional teddy bear shape, with round ears, four paws plus a big, round head. Every bite-sized bear consists of three distinct layers in many different vivid colors! Attempt a bear that is red, white and green or detect the flavor of a yellowish, white and red bit. Vidal offers numerous interesting gummy candies which are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and other special occasions. Gummy Triple Bears in volume are the very best solution to make sure you never run out of your family's favourite Vidal candies!
  • Gummi Bears
    Why did not the teddy bear eat his lunch? Because he was stuffed! In a big bulk bag of rainbow fruity cuties, you will have a lot to chew about. Bring these little cubs to a birthday party. Place them in a sparkling punch at a backyard barbeque. Spoil your little ones by tucking a few of these away in their lunch boxes. Or even fill goodie bags with a handful of these yummy gummies. Anything you do, you will adore trying the rainbow of shades as well as flavors. They're ''bear-resistable!''
  • Gummi Bear Cubs Mini
    Albanese has done it again with their delicious gummy bear cubs! This tiny confection may be little, but offers the large flavor that Albanese is known for. Each small teddy bear carries a cunning sitting posture with four paws, round ears and an adorable face. You know you are getting an authentic Albanese confection when you see the "A" logo that appears on the abdomen of each chewy piece. Our bulk mini gummy bear cubs features an range of mouthwatering flavors. Love each alone or experiment by appreciating two or three pieces at a time! Each flavor comes in one of 12 gorgeous colours. Pour them into a candy bowl or jar to make an eye catching rainbow of sweetness! Our bulk mini gummy bears also make an affordable cake and cookie decoration.
  • Baby Gummi Bears
    What do you really call a bear with no teeth? A ''gummy bear!'' We love that one and we are certain you'll love these Baby Gummi Bears. With a variety of colors as well as flavors, we are certain you'll locate a favorite among these amazing minis. Use your fangs to chow down on these now.
  • Valentine Gummi Bears
    Valentine gummy bears will bring a smile to everyone's face on this particular day! Each chewy sweets carries a classic teddy bear shape. The cute bears have four paws as well as a robust form, much like a lavish animal sitting upright. Their adorable faces contain a pair of round ears and also a nice face with eyes and muzzle. Our Valentine gummy bear array comes in bold red and stable white
  • Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears 8lb. Tub
    Get ready to get your mind blown with chewy and gummi good! These classic Gummi Bears are dunked in milk and white chocolate to add another dimension to the classic candy's deliciousness. Do you know someone who loves chocolate and gummies? Wish to add something extra special to someone else's birthday party? Merely can't determine if you've a craving for sweet or chocolatey? Look no further with these complex cubs. Their depth of flavor will please all of your friends and family. And their adorable bite size height make them ideal for snacking or an official occasion. We for one, think they are ''bear-resistible!''
  • White Chocolate Gummi Bears bulk
    Get ready to get your head blown with chewy and gummi good! These classic Gummi Bears are dunked in milk and white chocolate to add another dimension to the classic sweet's deliciousness. Are you aware someone who loves chocolate and gummies? Want to add something extra special to someone else's birthday party? Only can't decide if you've a craving for sweet or chocolatey? Look no farther with these sophisticated cubs. Their depth of flavor will please all of your family and friends. And their adorable morsel size height make them perfect for snacking or a formal affair. We for one, think they are ''bear-resistible!''
  • Mighty Mango Gummy Bears
    Experience a tropical paradise in our mango gummy bears. These soft and chewy gummies have a sweet flavor reminiscent of biting into a luscious mango. Bears are perfect for any event or for a sweet snack!
  • Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears
    Get ready to get your head blown with chewy and gummi good! These classic Gummi Bears are dipped in milk and white chocolate to add another dimension to the classic candy's deliciousness. Do you know a person who loves chocolate and gummies? Desire to add something extra special to somebody 's birthday party? Merely can not decide if you've a craving for sweet or chocolatey? Look no farther with these intricate cubs. And their adorable morsel size stature make them ideal for snacking or a formal event. We for one, believe they're ''bear-resistible!''
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