Gummy Rings Candy

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  • Apple O's Gummi Rings
    Bright electric green coloration, boldly contrasting with a creamy white alternate side, might account for the prevalence of the Apple O's Gummi Rings candy, but we think the flavor probably has a lot more to do with it!A delicious sweet treat that provides a graphic option to conventional confections like chocolate, bulk Apple O's Gummi Rings sparkle using a sugar coating over their neon loops. Use them to stud a frosted sweet for a mod polka-dot appearance, or watch them rapidly evaporate from a dish or jar! These sweets are a smart option for candy shops and novelty stores where an impulsively-purchased treat fosters sales. They're also excellent for sweet buffets
  • Peach Os Gummi Rings
    Peach O's Gummy Rings are tasty sugar coated peach flavored gummies made with man-made and natural flavors. These O's make perfect additions to any sweet buffet or on their own for grab and go treats. Peach O's Gummy Rings may be properly used as cosmetic toppers to other baked goods and various sweet treats. Peach O's Gummies are sugary sweet with a fruity flavor and fine gummy feel. Use Peach O's for treat bags; children will go insane for these sugary sweets. These gummies are red and yellow in color making then ideal for autumn vacations, area in a cornucopia or utilize them to make a creepy Halloween treat. The O's can go totally into any cocktail or punch bowl for some extra sweetness and swag.
  • Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings Candy
    Everyone loves the sugary, chewy flavor of gummy rings! There is something enjoyable concerning the round shape and open center that is certainly the trademark of this kind of sweets. Each gummy ring carries a soft center that is covered in a dusting of delectable sugar. Our blue raspberry version features a half white and half blue design. Hand them out at birthday parties or use them to make a child's holiday even sweeter. Our bulk gummy rings are also perfect to be used in edible crafts and party games. Let kids line them on a cord to create wearable bracelets that they can eat! Use them to dress up gingerbread houses with white texture. Regardless how you enjoy them, our gummy rings will make any occasion or project even better!
  • Green Apple Gummy Rings Candy
    We're green with envy only considering the blessed munchers of these yummy gummies! Sugary, sweet, and packed using a green apple punch, these green and white sweets actually hit the spot. Put them on your fingers and pop them in your mouth one at a time. Spruce up a St. Patrick's day sweet display. Even set some outside for wedding or birthday party guests to munch on. Anything you do, these green apple gummy rings are coated with enough sugar and flavor to get everyone smile, chew after chew. So what is it that you're looking forward to?
  • Peach Gummy Rings Candy
    In case you enjoy it then you better put a Peach Gummy Ring on it! We know that is the real manner to anyone's heart. Bite into these miniature rings for a healthy dose of peachy flavor and sugary crunching that will make your mouth water. Put them on your fingers and pop them in your mouth one at a time. Add them as a garnish for a summertime drink. Even set some outside for wedding or birthday party guests to munch on. Anything you do, these peach gummy rings are coated with enough sugar and flavor to get everyone smile, chew after chew.
  • Strawberry Banana Gummy Rings Candy
    Did someone tell you never to play with your food when you were a child? Well, we hate to break the rules, but they never told you not to wear it! With these unbelievable strawberry banana gummy rings you'll be able to pop them onto your fingers and enjoy their sparkly exterior and wonderful sweet and fruity inside. Make your family smile when you turn the rules this one time for this delectable sweets. In pink and white, these strawberry-banana gummy rings make a gorgeous addition to any occasion, can be wrapped up into goodie bags or even added to the rim of cocktails. And who does not adore strawberry banana flavor? Give them a go and see whether you adore wearing or eating Gummy Rings better.
  • Watermelon Gummi Rings
    Gummy rings are the entertaining treat that children like to eat! The hoop contour can be worn like a ring, stretched or set on a cord to make edible bracelets and necklaces. Kids will love playing with their sweet till they eat it (and parents actually will not mind once they try these fruity morsels)! Our watermelon gummy rings feature a half white and half red pattern with an open centre and rounded edges. Every bit is smothered in a flavorful sugar coating which adds more flavor and texture to each morsel. Watermelon gummi rings are perfect for birthday parties, summer picnics and other special occasions! Add them to wedding favors to complement a red color scheme. Additionally they make fantastic stocking stuffers over the winter vacations.
  • Freedom Rings Gummies
    Let freedom ring with these patriotic gummy candies! Gummies have been loved for generations and across many states. Each edition provides a flavorful taste and chewy texture that makes it irresistible. Our Freedom Rings gummies are no different, however they provide a patriotic look that's perfect for special occasions observed in America!Each package comprises many round rings of smooth, gummy goodness! Each ring comprises a two toned pattern, with one half in snow white and also the other in either brilliant blue or firecracker red. All are scattered in sweet sugar granules for even more delicious taste and feel. Freedom Rings gummies are a must-have at summer picnics, family reunions and baseball games. Create gorgeous baked goods by decorating cakes, cupcakes and more with these fun gummy rings! Our bulk Freedom Rings gummy pack gives you bigger amounts that are convenient for vacations, wedding favors and com
  • Assorted Mini Gummy Rings
    Sugar sanded succulent fruit flavored gummy candies in cute round shapes