Gummy Worms

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  • Gummy Worms
    Are you aware the saying, ''the early bird catches the worm?'' Well, it originated with the discovery of these chewy and flavorful Gummy Worms! Early birds will probably be lining up round the block to get these brilliant and appetizing worms since they're wriggling with fruity good that everyone will want to slurp down. Dig any of these bite-sized treats up for a midday snack or entertaining dessert topping. Whether you bring them back to your nest to surprise your little ones or keep them all to yourself, these yummy, creepy night crawlers won't see the light of day for long.
  • Squiggles Gummi Worms
    These Squiggles Gummi Worms should stop even a gummi-a-holic from going through withdrawals for a short time. Whether you must fill a sweet bowl for a child's party or you simply like a chewy treat to bite on, these Squiggles Gummi Worms are perfect. Serve them in beverages, and as the ice melts, the gummi worm emerges. They can be the finishing touch on soil cake, also. Roll them in a ball, stretch them till they break, or tie them in knots. These entertaining and flavorful candies are made by Trolli. Yes, those entertaining forest creatures kids are usually somewhat fond of! This Germany-based business began the gummi craze back in 1975, and now produces more than 150,000 tons of yummy gummi candies.
  • Squiggles Neon Gummi Worms
    Gummi Worms are an essential part of a party where mud will be served. In addition , they are perfect for candies buffets and make great flavorful decorations for Halloween. Neon Gummi Worms bring an additional bonus of vibrant colors that are certain to delight adults and children equally. Worms can be used in classrooms for hands on tasks for example mathematics. They can be used to add to holiday decorations for a business break room and reception space. Squiggles have a sweet fruity flavor, and soft gelatin based candies that makes this treat gratifying and exciting. Squiggles Neon Gummi Worms can be added to cupcakes, puddings, and other treats to produce a theme. Gummies are also perfect for snacking on the go or kids travel kits.
  • Yummy Gummy Worms
    Do you contemplate starting a career that allows you to work at home, just so that you can walk around with gummy worms hanging from your mouth all day? That will surely change when you get your hands on this particular bulk supply of Yummy Gummy Worms. It matters not should you want to bite all of the heads off, stretch them until they are transparent, tie them in knots, or produce an extended rope out of them; they taste equally delicious. This supply of Yummy Gummy Worms is fantastic for the gummy addict. Each worm is fruity and vibrant. These green, orange, red, and yellow worms are guaranteed to be a success at a child's party. You can freeze them in ice cubes for mature celebrations or use them as decoration on cupcakes. Of course, you can just put some in a Tupperware container to snack on throughout the day, also!
  • Neon Squiggles Gummi Worms 12ct
    Neon Squiggles gummy worms are interesting, vibrant and always prepared to eat! Everyone loves the soft, chewy flavor of classic gummy worms. This popular treat was really created to honor the 60th birthday of the gummy bear. Even though they came later, gummy worms are just as delicious and preferred by many sweets lovers because of their long, bendable shape! Each gummy worm includes a narrow body with rounded ends. The back is covered in a segmented pattern that appears similar to the body of a actual worm. The underside is flat so it sits upright on flat surfaces. You get multiple colors in every worm! Flavor yellow, red, white and green in every Trolli Squiggles bag! Our bulk gummy worms are suitable for birthday parties and more. Use them to fill party favors or add a fun touch by decorating cakes with these chewy worm candies. Everyone will adore the sweet flavor and lively appearance of Trolli Neon Squiggle
  • Sour Squiggles Gummi Worms
    ''Dig in'' to this slippery, slimy candies. These Sour Squiggles Gummy Worms are a real treat for each candy and insect fan, likewise! In vibrant neon colors, coated in crystalized sugar, and packed with a sour gummy chew, these small night crawlers will make all of your snackers wriggle with glee. Load up on these small critters to decorate a cake for your son's birthday, give some to a friend who loves to fish, or even only keep them around the home to joy and gross out party guests. Anything you do, these small worms will want to crawl into your hearts and mouths.
  • Mini Neon Sour Gummy Worms
    They're creepy. They're crawly. And they are also
  • Sweets Natural Sour Worms
    Sweets natural sour gummy worms are the best way to eat healthier and still enjoy your favorite candies! The gummy worm is one of the most famous varieties of gummy treats out there. For decades, these wiggly little worms have been providing a fun, flavorful treat for sweet lovers of all ages. This version is chewy, flavor and includes a bit of sour for extra excitement! Our bulk Sweets natural sour worms comprise the realistic shape you know and adore. A coating of sour sugar covers all sides of every worm. What makes Sweets so distinct is how they manage to create that irresistible flavor with a healthier recipe. Sweets gummy worms use natural sweeteners and fixings. Each chewy worm contains cane sugar, tapioca syrup and much more to give you the best tasting sour gummy worms with no unhealthy additives!
  • Sugar Free Mini Gummi Worms
    Get your pleasant fix and enjoy the fruity, succulent flavor of Albanese sugar free mini gummy worms! Gummy worms are a classic sweet that has earned a large following. Even though they came afterwards, many candies fans favor the long, wiggly shape that makes these long, wiggly worms so enticing. Albanese has created an irresistible gummy worm that's also better for your diet! Our sugar free mini gummy worms provide the fruit flavor you love without the unnecessary sugar. Each package contains a variety of popular flavors, including green apple, wild cherry, orange, lemon and pineapple. Satisfy your taste buds and stick to a low sugar diet. Sugar free gummies in mass are an excellent option for parties, events and classrooms. Educators can reward kids without adding sugar to their daily diet while parents can provide an after school snack that's fitter.