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  • Hot Pink Candy Beads
    Holy moly. These Hot Pink Candy Beads are as bright as they come and are as flavorful as any candy can be, too! If you own a hankering for a hot pink treat that is packaged with a powerful crunch, lemony flavor and looks amazing as your pop it in your mouth, then this sequence of pink candy pearls is just the thing for you. Get prepared for a little girl's birthday party, a breast cancer awareness event, a bridal shower, bachelorette party or some other event you'll be able to think of with the help of these Hot Pink Candy Beads. They are amazing and yummy enough for any occasion and will make all your family and friends say "wow" when they look at them and taste them.
  • Black Candy Beads
    Black as the night. These Black Candy Beads have a bit of both worlds, including a stunning jet black finish and tart, sugary flavor. If these little beauties have caught your attention, then get for them to grab your sweet tooth the moment you take a morsel. If you're preparing to host a proper get together, desire a black sweet to match with other colours like orange for Halloween, or simply are a fan of sophisticated black sweet, then these black pearls are sure to impress you as well as your guests. In every order, you'll receive hundreds of these little morsels to suck on, crunch on, and pour into sweet dishes to savor when you need a treat. Order your Black Candy Beads today to start enjoying a stunning and yummy candy.
  • Light Blue Candy Beads
    Are you feeling blue? Because we are also and it is never been sweeter! Stock up with these Light Blue Candies Beads for a color-themed bash, birth of a baby son, or to area around your home. They are even great for a winter-themed bash or Hanukkah occasion. With a hard, crunchy shell, these sugar-filled beads make every snack time even more specific. We all know you'll love looking at these blue beauties as much as eating them!
  • Green Candy Beads
    Precious stone make some of the world's most desired jewelry. But, we think these Green Candy Beads are a great deal more of a showstopper and oh so much more delightful! In a bright lime green hard candy shell, these fantastic candies are full of a sugary sweet crunch which makes them perfect for baking and sprinkling atop frosted treats. If you have a banquet coming up that's a green motif, want to prepare a sweet and jolly surprise for St. Patrick's Day, have a hankering for a vivid green treat that is super sweet, or merely need to have a vibrant coloured confection around the house for when a sweet tooth strikes, then these are the candies for you!
  • Orange Candy Beads
    Orange candy beads are the bright sweet treat that can make your favourite baked goods look incredible! Our bulk candy beads are a great option whether you are planning a celebration, candy bar or simply buying a new method to produce your favourite desserts even more enticing. Each orb consists of delectable sweet confection that's coated in a sleek candy shell. The outside is coloured bright orange so each orb of deliciousness stands out whether you are placing it in icing, with other sweet or showing it on its own! Bulk sweet beads are a must-have for anyone who bakes, makes sweet or just loves to snack. Sneak into the pantry and grab a handful when sugar cravings strike. Then use them to place the finishing touches on your cakes, biscuits, gingerbread houses and other edible creations. Our orange sweet beads are perfect for weddings, showers and Halloween occasions! Order with our other single-colour sweet bead
  • Red Candy Beads
    Red candies beads are one of the very versatile treats you can add to your pantry. This tasty confection is full of sugary flavor and feature a bold, fiery appearance that is sure to get discovered. Each piece is small, round and features a polished glow. These beads are completely edible so you could use them as a cake decoration. Don't forget to experiment by adding them to cupcakes, cookies, gingerbread houses or homemade candies! We take bulk red candies beads that offer excellent quality and flavor so you could feel confident whether you're running a company or looking for something for a personal event. Also take a look at our many other candy bead colours so you can join packs to create a custom array for virtually any scenario or party. Combine red with black, white or some of our pearl colours.
  • Pearl White Candy Beads
    Designer candy is a complex choice for the candy buffet at a wedding, anniversary, or other lavish party, and Pearl White Candies Beads offer the utmost in classy restrained shimmer! Conspicuously magnificent despite their restrained, light color, these bulk sweets look very much like real pearls, making them excellent for decorating wedding cakes or for filling a dish at a glamor-themed occasion. Individuals who try these small sweets may be surprised the wonderful baubles are edible in addition to pretty! At about a quarter inch in diameter, these wholesale sweet pearls are little enough to feel refined and plentiful, but large enough to eaters to savor. They're economic to purchase in amount, but refined on a table. And if it's high end indulgence you want, scatter these pearl sphere sweets into chocolate sauce poured over a scoop of ice cream.
  • Yellow Candy Beads
    Yellowish sweet beads are one of the most flexible as well as practical confections accessible. This brilliantly colored treat carries a tiny orb of sweetness that is covered in a candy coating. The surface is smooth and includes a brilliant yellow hue that is sure to capture attention at occasions and parties. Yellowish candy beads contain a big amount so you constantly have enough whether you're arranging a major event or trying to find a quick sweet snack. Our sweet beads are ideal for almost any function. Use them to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Impress guests during Christmas or produce your own personalized wedding dessert with these enchanting little beads! Bulk sweet beads are also an economical choice if you are organizing an event that will include a sundae or candy bar.