Squiggly Pops Lollipops

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  • Blue & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    We're not seeing right. But it's difficult to with the mesmerizing swirls of these Blue and White Squiggly Pop Lollipops! Individually wrapped in clear cellophane, this bulk box of dizzying pops will supply you as well as your mouth with hours of hypnotic happiness. Packed with a fruity, sweet flavor, give them to your dear little ones when they do something nice, dole them out at parties as a yummy goodie bag add-on, or even bring them to a Fourth of July barbeque for some extra patriotic flare. The spellbinding colour combo of bright blue and white will make any event delicious.
  • Green & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    Brilliant green and pure white stripes swirl through the surface of these Squiggly Pops lollipops, classic lime-flavored confections on a stick that supply a carnival feel! A top pick for sweet buffets at summer weddings, Squiggly Pops are comparatively small as novelty suckers go, but undoubtedly large enough to exhibit the visual force of the fairground-style treat. The size as well as color of these lime lollipops makes them a great option for creating the leaves of a considerate sweet bouquet present, but the spiral form of a Squiggly Pop has such a strong association with amusement parks and youth sweet novelties that they'll always add circus flair. Paired with other strong green sweets, nevertheless, they take on an elegant feel that will be at home in an old-world sweet shop window.
  • Purple & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    Intricate swirls of grape and fruity goodness are what these Purple White Squiggly Soda Lollipops are all about! Dizzying, mesmerizing squiggles of sweetness have entranced the mouths of many. Bring them to your next family get together as an enticing treat, package some into your child's lunchbox as an afternoon pick me up, or even use them for a purple themed event! Your taste buds are going to be in sensory overload while they get lost in the hypnotizing swirls, brilliant contrasting colors, and incredible flavor. This magic on a stick is a popular choice for a lot of families and will dazzle and delight those you share them with.
  • Rainbow Unicorn Pops 12" 72ct
    They do exist! At least their dainty, rainbow horns do. And we love 'em. Considering all the colours of the rainbow, a sweet, fruity flavor and lovely swirls, these Unicorn Pops are a delightful treat with noteworthy tradition. The fabulous narratives of the unicorn date back to ancient Greece and even the Bible with stories of folks glimpsing white, goat-like horses using a single, long horn. The celebrated lore depicted the unicorns as a sign of purity, hope and grace as they'd treat ailments and injuries. We believe these pops are just as curing as they were initially thought to be. See for yourself why they're so charming at your child's next birthday party or some special event.
  • Rainbow Unicorn Pops 18" 36CT
    What do you do if you can not determine which colour Unicorn Pop to pick for your next event? Why not go with rainbow! Our Rainbow Unicorn Pops offer the same irresistibly sweet taste with all your favorite colours featured on every lollipop.A Unicorn Pop comprises a disposable stick with a long, tall braid of high quality hard candy on top. The spiral contour recreates the look of a classic unicorn horn
  • Brown Unicorn Pops 24ct
    The fabulous beast that formerly possessed these Brown Unicorn Pops certainly were generous to offer them up to FirstChoiceCandy to sell to the masses. That is because with a lovely deep brown swirl and contrasting white swirl, these carnvial design brown lollipops are sweet tooth eyes and to the taste buds! Bring home some of the Brown Unicorn Pops to wow your children and amaze your family and friends with what good taste you have. Since these pops are huge and eye catching, they are perfect for a sweet bouquet display on a dessert table at your next party. In addition they would be magnificent at a wedding as a decoration or party favor or set out in a glass jar on your kitchen counter.
  • Orange Unicorn Pops 24ct
    Are you a fan of folklore? Then, invent your own narrative with these Orange Unicorn Pops. You can bring supplement which bulk supply and ignite the imaginations of your little ones by telling them in regards to the legend of the orange unicorns and how their horns held incredible powers. With their vibrant orange and white swirls, whoever you decide to regale together with the narrative of the unicorn is bound to be impressed. Plus, they can munch on these deliciously sweet Orange Unicorn Pops as they listen to your stories. Sound like a fun family time? Then order yourself these magical orange lollipops today and make snack time and narrative time come together splendidly!