Whirly Pops

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  • Red & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    Red and white Squiggly Pops are a classic lollipop candy using an enjoyable appearance. Lollipops are among the very most popular sweets on the planet. Kids and adults alike appreciate their sweet flavor and convenient stick design. Our Squiggly Pops offer that same arrangement with more style! Each piece carries a disposable stick topped in a coiled disc of hard candy. What makes our red and white Squiggly Pops so eye-catching is the chain of stripes that cover all sides. A span of hard candy in alternating red and white is twisted to make a solid disc of mesmerizing patterns. Our lollipops in mass are an excellent alternative for major events, classrooms and gatherings. Give them outside as Easter sweets or share them on Halloween. You can even add amazing ribbons and tags to give as a baby shower or wedding favor. Match with our other red and white sweets for the best custom combination for a special occasion!
  • Yellow & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    Your tongue will swerve, reel, and swirl around these Yellow and White Squiggly Pop Lollipops! Their dizzying swirls of delicious lime flavor area lovely treat to add to any event. Bring them to a backyard picnic in the summertime for a joyful and fun snack which looks like the sun, add them to a carnival themed bash for a funhouse feel, or even place some in goodie bags to give out at your small one's following birthday party. These entertaining, pretty pops are modest enough for a great bite and rolled individually, so they can be used in virtually any sweet occasion you can think up!
  • Pink & White Squiggly Pops Lollipops 48ct
    You can not go wrong with strawberry flavored pink and white Squiggly Pops. They are an ideal mixture of sweet and cute, just like your little girl! Get a bunch of these pretty pink lollipops for your young daughter's birthday, a baby shower, or a springtime get-together. These suckers pack in a ton of delicious strawberry flavor, and any little girl would adore their color and swirl. Get a 48-count bag now!
  • Black Whirly Pops 60ct
    We know a way to keep your little ones acting. And it just might have something to do with our delicious and unbelievable black and white Whirly Pops! That is because these black and white Whirly Pops are packed with astounding mesmerizing swirls, a magnificent contrast and sugary sweet taste that your children will need to suck on for hours. If you're in the market for a classy and irresistible sweet, then these black and white Whirly Pops are the sweets selection for you. Bring some home to fulfill each of your family member's sweet tooth. Or you also can also dress up a fancier affair like a black tie wedding using a table full of these.
  • Green Whirly Pops 60ct
    Green is the colour of several amazing things, like fresh grass in springtime or dazzling emeralds. It's also the colour of our sweet green Whirly Pops! This classic lollipop provides a delicious flavor that is lots of fun to eat. Whirly Pops embody the stereotype of a great lolly. Each is produced from a span of high quality hard candy that is tightly coiled to produce a solid disc of green goodness. We enjoy a little contrast with our candy, that is why green Whirly Pops also feature a playful white stripe that twists the whole way around! Look in the middle and be mesmerized by the spiral effect. Our bulk Whirly Pops program is a must have for occasions. Use them to create DIY birthday party favors or something special for a baby shower! They even make a terrific addition to sweets buffets at weddings. Appreciate green or combine to some of our other Whirly Pop colors to create a handpicked lollipop range for yo
  • Red Whirly Pops 60ct
    Big carnival-style lollipops are a high-impact way to jazz up one of many simplest colors for a sweet buffet! Bulk Red Whirly Pops lollipops will go a long way and are immediately reminiscent of amusement parks and birthday parties from youth. These classic confections seem incredible on top of a treat bag or gathered in a flower pot. Theme an occasion around homesick enjoyment or just bring some pop to a display or cake decoration with a row of these outsized red and white suckers. The spiral design that provides Whirly Pops their name is attractively vivid in red with crisp white stripes. This colour palette makes the wholesale suckers a beautiful choice for Christmas, but red is a year round colour, and these lollipops are a year round sweet! Love sweet indulgence on a stick as soon as you pare away the logo-emblazoned wrapper on each Whirly Pop. There are a couple sweets more joyful than vintage-inspired lollip
  • Yellow Whirly Pops 60ct
    Yellow as the sun. Glowing as a sunflower. Cheerful as a warm summer's day. These Yellow Whirly Pops actually bring out the happiness in every flavor with their glowing yellow swirl combined with immaculate white. Prepare for summertime, a baby shower where the gender of the baby is unknown, a birthday party or some other occasion that calls for a bright and lovely treat with these Yellow Whirly Pops. Lick after lick, they're full of sweet, fruity flavor that'll force you to perk up instantly. Give a few to your children to snack on after lunch, set some outside in a candy bouquet, or keep them all to yourself to appreciate!
  • Whirly Pops Colors All Colors 60ct
    Lollipops have existed for decades and are one of the tried and true staple of candy stores around the world. If you are searching for something new and different that's also tasty and fun then look no further. Our whirly pop lollipops are a great spin on the classic sweet candy on a stick. Full of flavor and sugary goodness, they're sure to be an instant success. They are simple to exhibit and simple to love! Order yours now and see how fast they fly off the shelves. Order your 60 count bulk order today and discover the greatness of these whirly pop treats.
  • Purple Whirly Pops 60ct
    Round and 'round they go. Where they stop, nobody knows! Get lost in the hypnotic swirl of our whimsical, carnival inspired Whirly Pops in purple and white. With a fun house feel, they are going to take you back to the fairgrounds of your youth. Hear the tinkling of carousel organs, silly honking of clown horns, and whooshing of thrilling rollercoasters with every lick. And with 6 pops per box, you will have a ton of time to spend back in a carnival state of mind. So step right up, step right up and try them out for your next carnival-themed celebration or as a colorful gift basket add-on.
  • Giant Whirly Pops 10ct Rainbow
    Giant Whirly Pops are the sweet treat for the large kids! Why settle for a dinky little lolly when you can enjoy the tremendous flavor of this big, daring hard candy creation! The Giant Whirly Pop includes a long span of tube shaped hard candy that is carefully wound to make a tight spiral disk. The complete span is covered in brilliant spiral colors, adding excitement to snack time! Our bulk lollipops are the perfect option when stocking up for children birthday parties, picnics and vacation events. Buy a package or two to keep at home to satisfy sweet cravings after school. One Giant Whirly Pop can last a lengthy time so you get a lot of flavor out of each stick! Add a few together along with other stick candies to make a unique bouquet to give as a special present. There's no resisting the sugary allure of this unstoppable giant lollipop!
  • Rainbow Whirly Pops 4" 48ct
    Rainbow Whirly Pops 4 lollipops are a real classic! Think of all the films you've seen with a happy little boy or girl licking a lollipop nearly as large as their face. These sweet treats look as a rainbow vortex, and they taste like the top days of childhood. Get a 48-count bag of charming Rainbow Whirly Pops for your children as well as their pals. They'll adore the sweet flavor, and you will adore seeing them enjoy a piece of candy that makes you nostalgic for your own childhood.
  • Rainbow Whirly Pops 5.25" 36ct
    Suckers are always entertaining whether you're getting them for a kid or an adult. There's only something to be said about Whirly Pops nevertheless. These giant suckers are 5.25 inches which means that it could take you quite a while to finish them off. Additionally you will discover that they are swirled with a number of different colours such as blue, red, orange, yellow, white, and green. This would make an enjoyable present for someone, and also would likewise be a great party favor. These would even look amazing in a homemade organization because they are so big. Whatever you choose to do with them you are sure to be pleased and with a count of 36 of them there will certainly be plenty for everyone. These suckers are hard in feel but are sweet and sure to be able to please anyone who is blessed enough to get to participate in eating one.
  • Pink Whirly Pops 60ct
    Woaaah. We are getting dizzy just looking at these sweet swirls. Get lost in the hypnotic turn of our whimsical, carnival inspired Blue and White Whirly Pops. With a funhouse feel, they will take you back to the fairgrounds of your youth. Hear the tinkling of carousel organs, stupid honking of clown horns, and whooshing of thrilling rollercoasters with every lick. And with 6 pops per box, you will have a ton of time to spend back in a carnival mindset. So step right up, step right up and try them out for your next carnival-themed celebration or as a brilliant gift basket improvement.