Chocolate Mints

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  • Petite Smooth & Melty Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips
    Awww, these Petite Smooth Melty Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips are only so adorable, we can not stop looking at them or eating them! In pink, green, and yellow, these minty morsels dotted in white are the daintiest and prettiest confection you can add to any event. Add some to a table at a wedding for a pretty breath-freshener, bring some to a bridal or baby shower to show off their exquisite pale hues, or even add these to baked goods in the springtime to represent the exquisite flowers in bloom. Nonpareils date back to the 18th century and were initially used to decorate wedding cakes. We're sure glad they are around today also, for everyone to enjoy!
  • Smooth & Melty Nonpareil Mint Chocolate Chips
    Our smooth nonpareils are certainly irresistible! Every bit includes delectable sugary confection. Every nonpareil in our bulk sweet package comes in mild pastel colors. You'll adore trying soft pink, bright yellow or mint green. The underside is dunked in miniature white spheres that add a pleasant texture and crunch to each morsel. Our bulk nonpareil bundle is perfect for receptions and wedding favors. They could also enhance the look of tables when served in glass dishes at marriage and baby showers, parties and other occasions. Give your guests the complete finest with melty nonpareil mint chocolate chips!
  • Jelly Belly Chocolate Dutch Mints® TWIST ( Assorted )
    Jelly Belly Chocolate Dutch Mints individually wrapped. Peppermints with chocolate shells. Perfect candy for weddings!