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  • Mentos Rolls 15ct
    Mentos are the preferred mint for a lot of sweets fans. These tasty morsels in many cases are found in grocery stores and vending machines. The problem is you can not consistently find the flavors you want in an whole roll. Now you can select the flavor you want and get them in large amounts so you never need to scour the shelves of your local grocery store. We have something for every Mentos' fanatic! Spice things up with cinnamon or enjoy the fresh picked flavor of strawberry. We even offer rainbow and fruit arrays so that you don't have to settle for just one flavor if you don't want to. Mentos Rolls make great stocking stuffers or could be utilized to produce delicious party favors for birthdays and other occasions. Impress guests and share the sweet love by handing out rolls of Mentos!
  • Hint Mints 12ct
    Hint Mints are the original designer mint! The tin is curved with a drawer that slides out to reveal one layer of enticing bite-sized morsels. Together with a lavish texture and appearance, the Hint Mints tins additionally feature an elegant design. Graceful flourishes decorate the surface with classic fonts and an antique beige backdrop. Our mass Hint Mints can be found in four fabulous flavors. Try traditional peppermint or experience the amazing flavor of cinnamon, licorice or chocolate mints. Our Hint Mints are a great pick for celebration or wedding party favors. They are delicious for all palates yet offer a demonstration that's right at home in high class settings.
  • Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy 120ct
    Green, white, and minty. These Jumbo Spearmint Balls Candy are a tasty mint your whole family will adore. Take your gingerbread house building to another level using a smattering of these minty wonders, make a Christmas candies display even prettier and much more delightful, or even stick a few in your purse to enjoy a breath freshening treat whenever you want. The glowing green and white swirls are delightful to look at and provide a refreshing burst of spearmint flavor your mouth will crave. With 120 pieces per order, you will have enough yummy mints to please a bunch.
  • Jumbo Mint Balls Hard Candy 120ct
    Make way for a large dose of peppermint flavor! These Jumbo Mint Balls are a sphere full of refreshing minty flavor that your mouth will adore. Their exquisite red and white swirls make them the perfect sweet addition to a Christmas candy show, gingerbread house making with your family, a shore party (since these little balls resemble beach balls!), and even a Fourth of July event. With 12 of these flavorful candies balls in every order, there is enough to do it all. Use your imagination to determine how you and your close family and friends can enjoy these tasty mints.
  • Flavigny Mints 8ct Tins
    Now these Flavigny Mints might have long-lasting minty flavor, but because their cans come in many different layouts and are collectible, you'll have a keepsake for a long time to come! These French mints are actually specific from their cans to their tiny, small white mints. Enjoy these tiny small breath fresheners one at a time or an entire tin at a time in the event you really want an immense rush of freshness. These collectible cans make an excellent present idea, bag stuffers, party favors for a French-themed get together with friends or family, or only an everyday mint you like to look at and nosh on. Say "ooh la la" when you bring home a bulk order of these Enjoy these Flavigny Mints now!
  • Dark Chocolate Mighty Mints Candy
    There's nothing modest in regards to the flavor of these Dark Chocolate Mighty Mints Candy! That's because every special morsel has a soft peppermint centre coated in melty chocolate. Yum! In the event you are a big fan of tremendous peppermint taste, then you certainly will love these chocolate-y mint dreams. Catch a bulk supply of these now to stock up for yoru party or your sweet dishes for many weeks to come. Prepare for a dinner party by adding these to the dessert menu. Even get creative and add a few of these Chocolate Mighty Mints Candies to house made ice cream, to the top of sundaes, or on to cakes and brownies for an added pop of flavor and deliciousness!
  • Blue Mints Candy Ice
    ''You are as cold as ice!'' We need to break out in that famed Foreigner song every time we get a peek of these Blue Mints Candy Ice. They may look chilly, but we're sure these refreshing mints will melt your hearts with each morsel. Their translucent blue ice look and minty flavor make them perfect for a number of cool occasions. Use some on a table at a winter party, bring them to a celebration that has a blue subject, even use some for Hanukkah or the birth of a baby boy.
  • Perugina Glacia Mints Candy
    Ciao bella! These astounding Perugina Glacia Mints Candies are an exotic Italian treat that can make your mouth feel worldly. Wrapped independently, these strong small mints carry the breath freshening power of the largest in the sweet world. They make a fantastic addition to any eatery host stand, are an awesome mint to pass across the table after a dinner party, or can be kept in your purse for refreshing minty snacking. Their light, freezing coloring and strong mint flavor have made them a favorite among many.
  • Yellow Butter Mints Candy
    We are positive that this sweet is definitely going to "butter you up." Which may be because these Richardson Yellow Butter Mints are real pros in the butter category. And also since they're just so gosh darn delightful! In a stunning pale yellow pastel hue and packaged with savory and melty flavor, these little morsels will evaporate on your own taste buds and leave you with a smile on your own face. If you'll need a real champ of the candy world for your sweet dishes, then these yellow butter mints are for you. They look wonderful paired with other pastel hued sweet around Easter or even bagged up in party favors for guests. Obtainable in volume, you decide how you need to adore these Yellowish Butter Mints from Richardson.
  • Pastel Chocolate Dutch Mint Balls Twist
    Pastel Dutch Chocolate Mint Balls Twist are classy and lovely candies perfect for weddings, baby showers, Easter, Mother's Day and much more. It begins with a sweet candies crunch followed by super smooth Dutch Chocolate that flows from the center, just when you believe you're in heaven the pleasant minty freshness that surrounds the rich chocolate takes effect, it doesn't get better than this. Dutch Chocolate Mint Balls come individually wrapped making then ideal for wedding swag, candies buffets, and bridal party gift accessions. They might be added to Easter Baskets for those discerning recipients, or used as shower party favors as the greatest thank you. Businesses can put these candies in a clear or black glass dish near reception, to wow customers. The most effective use of Dutch Chocolate Mint Balls is on the go snacking; they make the perfect stress reliever.
  • Peppermint Twists
    Peppermint twists pack all of the flavor of a candy cane into a single bite-sized candy. Merely seeing and tasting them will set you in the holiday spirit, regardless of what time of year it is. Do not miss out on delicious peppermint candies all year round. Get a bag of these individually wrapped peppermint twists and liven up your house or your workplace. No special occasion is essential to bring out these delicious peppermint candies.
  • Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Chips Candy
    Conventional Italian mints make a refreshingly different after-dinner sweet! Wholesale Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Processors are individually wrapped, flavored with a sharp touch of menthol, and finished using a toothsome texture that comes in between a crunchy sugar tablet plus a jujube. Restaurants looking for something different to provide diners will appreciate Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Processors, as will wedding planners working to vary the offerings of an icy-perfect sweet buffet. Chipurnoi Glacial Mint Processors are reminiscent of pastiglie candies you might have attempted on excursions to Italy.To the American palate, they are an especially new kind of after-dinner mint which will undoubtedly be a success with those who like their mints to make a flavor statement! Red and blue accents on these mint candies' white wrappers seem colorfully elegant in a cut glass bowl or tinted apothecary jar. Present with licorice
  • Chipurnoi MentholEucalyptus Chips Candy
    These Chipurnoi Menthol-Eucalyptus Chips Candies will heal what ails you! Nicknamed ''temple mints'' by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, these soothing mint pastilles have been a savior of theirs for decreasing sore throats and helping them get back to belting out music. Keep a few on hand for when cold symptoms come on, pop one into your mouth in case you have a nagging cough, or just appreciate their earthy flavor on any day of the week. The menthol will send tingles down your throat, soothing any soreness and giving that beloved hot-cold sensation while the sweet eucalyptus will add a great flavor. Feel better with a three pound bag of these today!
  • Chocolate Dutch Mint Balls
    Lavern and Shirley. Among the world-renowned and most loved duos, mint and chocolate reign supreme! So get excited for them to unite once more in this cheerful selection of pale bites. Perfect for the Easter holiday, springtime events, or baby showers, you determine how you'd like to share these mint chocolate treats. They look lovely and fine in sweet dishes or sprinkled in a gift basket. WIth a healthy dose of melty milk chocolate, hard candy shell crunch, and refreshing mint, they are only the right size and quantity to fulfill every sweet lover's palate.