Starlight Mints

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  • SpiCMints Cinnamon Starlight Mints
    Ideal for reception areas and front desks. and supervisors also. Many customers say these are similar to the ones they have enjoyed at Pizza Hut. The red and white stripe makes them a perfect addition to a gay gingerbread house, in a sweet dish around the holidays, or even tucked into your handbag for a breath freshening treat whenever you need one. Get a bag of these today and make your sweet wishes come true! Star light star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I really could try these minty star joy! You will want to break out in rhyme each time you pop one of these Spi-C-Mints Cinnamon Starlights into your mouth.
  • Chocolate Starlight Mints
    Chocolate starlight mints are a new and amazing take on a classic candy. Everyone loves the refreshing flavor of the traditional tough mint, now add chocolate. Starlight mints, which are also sometimes called pinwheel mints, feature a lovely white background with bold red stripes. Our chocolate starlight mints take the exact same tasteful pattern and use it on a dark background with brilliant green stripes instead. Now you may enjoy that delicious minty flavor using a little savory chocolate. Each round mint is crafted using solid hard candy. This enables them to provide the flavor sweets lovers adore in a long-lasting treat. Each mint is individually wrapped in clear plastic so that you can respect their dark beauty before you open the first one up! Pour them into glass jars or sweet dishes and serve to guests, use them in the office candy jar or make your gingerbread houses more unique with these dainty decoratio