Chocolate Almonds

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  • Black Chocolate Almonds
    Lookin' gooooood, Black Chocolate Almonds. That's what people will say about you when you bring this classic and sophisticated treat out for noshing. Because of their color and classic flavor blend, these black almonds make the perfect addition to any black tie wedding, formal affair or cocktail party. You can dress them down as well by coupling them with orange candy for Halloween. Feel classy when you bring home a bulk order of these Black Chocolate Almonds today.
  • Blue Chocolate Almonds
    Feeling blue never felt so sweet! Stock up with these Blue Chocolate Almonds for a colour-themed party, arrival of a baby son, or to area all around your home. They're even great for a winter-themed party or Hanukkah event. With a tough, crunchy shell, followed by a rich, chocolatey coating, and delicious, nutty whole almond in the middle, these treats make every snack time even more particular. Put some in a glass jar on your kitchen counter, add them to baked goods for an unexpected treat, or put some in your lucky kid's lunchbox for a nutritious almond treat. We know you will love looking at these blue beauties as much as eating them!
  • Light Green Chocolate Almonds
    Green chocolate almonds are the ultimate party snack! Nut fans will not be able to resist the crunchy, chocolaty attractions of these delightful small ovals of awesome. Every piece includes a premium quality almond that's smothered in a glossy layer of chocolate. To make this candies even more exciting, a thin candy shell was applied to produce a shiny feel that adds an additional touch of sweet crunch to the mixture. Not only are our green chocolate almonds delicious, they are also sold in bulk candies packs in order to order lots for any event! Serve them up at birthday parties or mix with our red chocolate almonds as a joyful treat during the winter holidays. Green looks amazing whether you're at a picnic, school event or themed celebration!
  • Orange Chocolate Almonds
    Nuggets of chocolate wrapped around an individual almond then coated in an orange candies shell are easy to eat by the handful. Using them to fill clear bags makes a merry takeaway for Halloween guests, while piling them in an interesting bowl provides an earthy, warm appearance to the table. Bulk chocolate almonds in brilliant orange are perfect for color-themed candies buffets, and especially stunning for adding advanced sweets to fall weddings or upscale birthday parties. Candy shells make them easier to serve in warm weather (and more durable in a bento lunch) than plain chocolates. All in all, these wholesale orange almonds are a fantastic pick everywhere that vivid orange color serves your topic.
  • Dark Purple Chocolate Almonds
    If you're searching for a twist to the standard chocolate almonds, then you will discover the dark purple colored chocolate almonds are the solution to go. Simply because they got the pleasant shade to them you will probably have the ability to use them for many different events and occasions. These would likewise make a fantastic idea for decorating. Many folks find that they love the sweet crunchy feel that they get when taking part in this excellent sweets. In case you love almonds and chocolate then this is definitely for you. Additionally they come in a bulk bag to help with ensuring that you've lots to go around.
  • Pastel Purple Chocolate Almonds
    Purple chocolate almonds provide a beautiful treat that's full of sweet and savory flavor! Each bite-sized bit begins with a tasty almond that is covered in a layer of smooth, irresistible chocolate. The exterior is covered in an additional layer of candies to produce that deep, dark purple colour. There are so many methods to serve our bulk chocolate almonds. Our single color package allows you to stick with a theme or color scheme. Use them to create elegant wedding favors or to fill birthday party treat bags. Everyone will adore the soft chocolate outside and crunchy nut middle! In addition , we take chocolate almonds in a rainbow of other colors, including baby blue, pink, pastel green, red, white, yellow, black and other colours with a pearlescent finish.
  • Red Chocolate Almonds
    Attractively colored in a deep, lush lipstick red, Red Chocolate Almonds give a sensational look to evening events and are wonderful stacked in a lead crystal dish, where their shiny coatings create a new, tempting appearance. Bulk chocolate-covered nuts are a number of the very advanced sweets for candy buffets and cheese plates equally, so when guests take pleasure in the flavor and distinctive crunching of these red chocolate-covered almonds at receptions and dinner parties, you could be confident that your luxe choice will soon be seen. Wholesale Red Chocolate Almonds are a smart choice for weddings because their true color feels thematic and extremely swanky! Additionally they make the most tasteful Valentine's Day gift possible, a conventional candy present with a grownup, luxury flair that's absent from candies of lesser quality. Make your event an exquisite one with this multi-pound bunch of chocolate-cover
  • Yellow Chocolate Almonds
    What is it about the color yellow that plays with our emotions? Even on a gloomy day, yellow can brighten your mood like the sky lit up with plenty of sunlight. This really is just what these Yellowish Chocolate Almonds are capable of. It's extremely hard to think of any event when Yellowish Chocolate Almonds wouldn't be a hit in a sweet dish. Yellow is the appropriate color and these are the perfect treats. They will liven up any sweet dish, and they can be poured into a gumball machine. Forget to purchase chocolate topping for the ice-cream? Place a handful of these in a sealed plastic bag, strike them with something hard a dozen times, and you've got a yellow chocolate crumble to sprinkle on top.
  • Pink Chocolate Almonds
    If you love the savory flavor of fresh almonds as well as the abundance of quality chocolate, then you must this delectable confection! Each carries a complete almond that is smothered in a blanket of milk chocolate. The surface is covered in a hard candy shell that produces that magnificent light pink colour. Our colored chocolate almonds are ideal for special occasions. Combine with another color or use along to complement decor at showers, weddings and parties. They're also a good method to fill wedding favors or treat bags. Every guest will admire the shiny pink surface almost as much as they appreciate the amazing mixture of fresh almond and savory milk chocolate packaged into every bite! Bulk chocolate almonds will provide you with more pieces for big events. You can also use pink chocolate almonds to decorate gingerbread houses, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods!
  • Lemon Creme Almonds
    Roasted almonds drenched in rich white chocolate and lemon cream.