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  • Baby Lucas Candy 10ct
    Baby Lucas sweet is just one of the many brilliant creations made by Lucas! This popular Mexican confectionary brand makes exciting sweets that tempt taste buds and offer enjoyable, new methods to enjoy candy. Each novelty sweets product is packaged with delectable flavor, notably Baby Lucas candy! Each plastic container carries a dome shaped lid that can be flipped open to show a narrow hole so you get only enough powder sweets in every mouthful. This exceptional treat joins sweet and sour chamoy powder for a one-of-a-kind eating experience that is full of spice! Our bulk Baby Lucas candies box provides you with many individual tubes so you have plenty to hand out at parties, school activities, community events and much more! Do something different at this year's birthday parties by adding Baby Lucas to the treat bags. Love a classic Mexican candies that's certain to earn new fans with its sweet and sour senses!
  • Lime Candy Sticks 80ct
    Let us begin with the clear, shall we? If the mere sight of these Lime Candy Sticks doesn't inspire you to throw a bash, nothing will! Leprechauns will be coming out of the woodwork to get their hands on these tasty treats on St. Patrick's Day, and of course, they'll be the perfect complement to other holiday candies at Christmas.Throwing a party for Earth or Arbor Day? The light green and yellow stripes swirled around these vibrant green Lime Candy Sticks can represent the woods for all these environmental celebrations. Now, let us talk about flavor! The bold, tangy fruit flavor of these Lime Candy Sticks will have guests of all ages grinning ear-to-ear. They may be eaten as is, or you can definitely add them to water, pop, or even margaritas and daiquiris by the pool. They're certified kosher and produced in a facility that uses no gluten or nuts.
  • Orange Pineapple Candy Sticks 80ct
    Two tropical flavors come together in our orange pineapple hard candy sticks! Old fashioned sweets can be just as exciting as new confections, plus our classic candy sticks will show it! You will love every inch of the convenient candy. The surface is smooth and includes a daring orange background with a narrow yellow stripe that wraps around the exterior. Itis a rich, warm color mix that hints at the exotic flavors featured in this one-of-a-kind hard candy! Each old fashioned candy stick is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you could respect the stripe before you love. Just tear open the end and start licking! Our candy sticks are perfect for fast noshing. Simply tuck them away in your desk drawer, bag, glove box or any place you might get hungry. They can also be used to dress up tables at parties and events for that nostalgic candy shop look. Whether you use them to fill Easter baskets, wedding favors or
  • Pineapple Candy Sticks 80ct
    A pretty yellow candy stick gets swirled with a green stripe to produce the entertaining visual display of this Pineapple Old Fashioned Stick Candy. Dress up your Pina Colada with one or put them in glasses of punch or lemonade for children. They are great for Easter and St. Patrick's Day, and if you know someone attempting to kick the nicotine habit, these long-lasting sweets might be exactly what they want. They are sweet, easy to eat, and as long as you resist the urge to bite, they last a really very long time. Each Pineapple Oldfashioned Stick Candy is separately wrapped. This makes them perfect to hand out at parties, share with friends at the campground, or use at Halloween for trick-or-treaters. Their tropical appearance and flavor makes them perfect for beach-themed parties for people of all ages. They are kosher certified, also. Finding pineapple-flavored candies isn't easy. For those who have ever specif
  • Lemon Candy Sticks 80ct
    Being old fashioned will never go out of style. And these lemon stick candies are a perfect example of that philosophy. With their scrumptious, citrusy flavor, hard candy crunching, and pleasing shape, they've stood up to the evaluation of time and taste buds. Use them as an adorable stirrer in summer refreshments or appreciate them as they're. With 8 sticks in every package, there is enough to do it all. These old fashioned candy sticks have existed for generations and still possess the gusto to wow your family and friends. We're positive you'll be pleased with their light, sweet flavor.
  • Spearmint Candy Sticks 80ct
    The green that swirls through the sweet, suckable Spearmint Old Fashioned Stick Candy is refreshing to the eye, just as the burst of spearmint flavor it supplies is refreshing to the mouth! Finish a meal by supplying after-dinner mints in a nostalgic form that will send your visitors into raptures of reminiscing joy. Candy sticks remind everyone of youth trips to the county fair or the farm market, as well as their stripes are consistently a dose of high contrast in a display. Sharp spearmint was once a lot more common in candies than it's today, but a few producers keep the flavor custom living! Old-fashioned yet gluten free and nut-free, these candy sticks are an instant dose of nostalgia when you include them in a selection of elegant emerald-green candies. The chances for styling an ingenious dessert with the classic sweets are as endless as the rush of freshness in these minty candy sticks.
  • Rum & Butter Candy Sticks 80ct
    We are confident that these sweets will ''butter you up!'' That's because these Rum Butter Old Fashioned Candy Sticks pack a supremely rich and flavorful flavor that you will not be able to resist. In bright yellowish, these little rays of sunshine look like a wonderful pat of butter on a slice of toast. Bring some to your next outdoor party, or even use some in the chillier months to stir into a cup of hot cocoa for a warm, rich flavor in a cheerful color. With 8 sticks per order, you'll be able to snack happily and decadently for a long, long time.
  • Raspberry Candy Sticks 80ct
    Red. Fruity. Pretty to look at and even more tasty to eat. These Raspberry Old Fashioned Candy Sticks have been carrying candy store shelves for years due to their loveable fruity flavor and hard candy crunch. Have a Valentine's Day celebration coming up? Wish to surprise a baby with a delicious and intimate treat? Desire to add something particular to your lemonades and punches this summer by using these sticks as a wonderful and delectable garnish? The raspberry sticks can do it all and more. With 8 sticks per order, you will have enough to satisfy your sweet tooth for a long, long time.
  • ChickOStick Box 36ct
    This large Chick-O-Stick Box is calling your name should you love crunchy, flakey, savory peanut butter. A classic candies,, this inventive and distinct confection is full of flavor and texture your mouth and mind will appreciate. With individually wrapped sticks, you will be able to devour one at a time, pack some into a lunch box for a delightful surprise, add some to gift baskets or Christmas stockings or unwrap them and use them as utensils for eating ice cream! Take advantage of your imagination and go with your gut to come up with means of the way you can eat these Chick-O-Stick Box candies. Regardless of what you choose, we know you will adore munching and crunching on them.